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Sunday 3 December 2023

Have You Tried this Natural Drink that lowers Blood Pressure Fast?



Pomegranate fruit may not sound familiar too many of us because of where we live.    The fruit is not so common in our local markets talking of the fresh fruit but you can get dried fruits ground to  powder made from the fruit and use it to brew tea by adding about half teaspoon of the powder , add boiled water and allow to brew and your tea is ready.   this is a tea that can do almost everything for you and yet naturally caffeine-free. I have tested the tea and it  is my favourite especially when it comes to cleaning of clogged arteries, and then supply the body with essential nutrients like iron vitamin C and other antioxidants needed for healthy body. 

Here are the top reasons why I will recommend pomegranate tea made from the dried fruit for you especially if you are managing high blood pressure to help him improve your health,  to support  diabete or  to reduce inflammation and these are the key things that trouble most elderly persons and what more this tea is even able to calm the brain and reduce insomnia let's see some of the reasons and benefits I have already observed while using pomegranate tea as part of my healthy teas.  If you can get the fresh fruit, it is even better.

1  Cleaning of Clogged Arteries 

It is common to notice clogged artery especially among the elderly,  although some people may not observe it but I usually notice it around my feet my lower feet when the arteries are clogged and what are some of the common things that actually lead to this.  when you consume biscuits,  processed foods, breads too much sugary foods and drinks if you take these foods coupled with  not exercising for some time and other inflammatory foods,  shortly you will notice some dark blood areas around your feet and these are signs that the arteries are really clogged because of the things you  consume.  You can start checking  your feet if you have not been doing so it is good to check.   I usually notice mine when it is  clogged and it is difficult to find food to unclog it in the way that pomegranate does, though rigorous exercise helps too, but when you take pomegranate last thing at night next morning the result will be very visible you will notice a clearer skin around the areas that were  clogged or dark before, showing that the yea has begun to clean up the arteries, if  they are actually allowed to stay  for a long time it affects overall health causing blood sugar rise and control blood sugar even blood pressure heart is related issues faster aging and several other unhealthy conditions including cholesterol buildup so this is one thing that you can include in your diet if you want to avoid clogged arteries or yours has been blocked and you are not aware you can include this tea to help unclog the arteries and clean it up  so as to improve your health generally.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure:

If you are managing high blood pressure or you want to prevent ailments  like that then you should consider including pomegranate tea.   Some people can get the fresh pomegranate fruit which is even better but in this case I have not laid my hands on the fresh fruit but I am  using the dried fruit ground as powder  as tea and is delivering so much result for those I have recommended for and then wondering how the fresh pomegranate will perform if the dried leaf teas from the fruiy is so potent it's one of the top teas that can  tone down blood pressure or you want to just include it as a healthy way to avoid rise in blood pressure.  Good news, is most of the things that causes rise in blood pressure are usually addressed by the pomegranate tea.  The tea is also a source of potassium which may be responsible for its blood pressure lowering benefit.

3.  Fights Insomnia

We all know that sleep is medicine on its own so anything that can help you sleep will definitely improve your health.  This tea is one of such things that helps to support quality sleep at night if you are wondering what to take or drink before bedtime and  will not keep you awake midnight or keep you feeling hungry some teas are good in lowering blood pressure and doing a lot but somehow they may keep you feeling light or even hungry midnight but this tea has some kind of carbs  that supports the body while it is also supporting  in your sleep so you do not have to wake up feeling hungry or feeling light, this is one aspect of this tea that I really admire. whenever I take it, it keeps you sleeping and sleeping and you never feel as if you have exhausted the food in your tummy and needs to wake up because it has some own form of complex carbs that helps to support you this is something I have  experienced and it has a lot of other nutrients  and anti-inflammatory nutrients that also fight and reduce inflammation which tend to keep some people awake unknown them,  it reduces inflammation at all levels.

4.  Fights Inflammations 

By this I mean fighting inflammations at all levels including helping me prevent adding weight which is common amongst menopausal women.  It reduces pains and improves Oral Health, It supports strong teeth and reduces gums disease too. Probably due to its high vitamin C and antibacterial properties.

5.  Helps Support Damaged Nerve:  

If you survived a stroke attack or you have nerve issues.  This tea offers support because I have used it on someone who suffered nerve damaged due to high blood pressure which almost resulted  in a stroke.  It worked well in supporting the nerves.

6.  Memory Support

An important aspect of our health especially when we are aging is the memory the brain support, we should not neglect foods that offers support to the brain or memory because of its work we can regain a lot of things after we lost it but it is difficult to regain the memory when it has gone beyond recognizing people around you or knowing what is happening it is important to include foods that helps to support brain and pomegranate happened to be one of such rare fruits even while  drinking the tea you will feel it that's my experience and that is what I have also been told by those using it. you will notice if you are sensitive to your body you will notice the link that the tea have towards the brain making you to know or believe even without doing any  laboratory study that this tea shows positive effect and  support or  for the brain.

7.  Fights Constipation:  

This is one of the best benefits of pomegranate tea.  If you have access to the fresh fruit use it or use the dried.


 The health benefits of Pomegranate tea are much including raising your iron level, vitamins, and minerals, supporting digestive health and making your skin look youth full. We should still consume in moderation.


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