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Wednesday 6 December 2023

Here is one of the Best Herbal Combos to Boost your immunity



Ginger is a common spice that we are familiar with, especially because of its numerous health benefits.  it pairs very well also with other herbs for  our immune  boosting such as hibiscus flower tea  Cocoa, green tea, lemongrass tea, tumeric and several other teas that you can pair  with ginger to make tea to boost your immunity especially to heat up your body because diseases cannot thrive in a hot environment when we allow our body to become cold then diseases find their way but there is a new way that I found to enjoy this drink and to build a very strong immunity and that is taking ginger with pomegranate powder that is mixing the two powder together makes  a great immune boosting drink.   it's a great inflammation fighter and above all, helps to lighten your skin and remove signs of aging.   Here are some of the benefits you will drive by consuming this combination of ginger and pomegranate powder or the juice if you get the fresh pomegranate fruit.  Although I use the powder with ginger powder, as the storage is easier that way.

1.  Acne free skin:

 if you have an oily skin and prone to acne then you should also consider this tea just half or one teaspoon each of the powder, hard boiled, water blew it and then allow it to settle or receive it and your tea is ready to drink, it  helps  to fight acne prone skins and then make your skin smooth and this also arises because of its ability to reduce inflammations, both  skin inflammations and others under the skin.

2.  Reduce Signs of Aging:

 One of the visible and very noticeable benefits of this combination is reducing signs of aging and this aging occurs as a result of increased free radical activity that goes on every day so combining them and consuming them without any other adition such as milk, sugar, and  other additives helps you to achieve this result very quickly too.

3.  Fights Inflammations 

Merely combining these two and drinking regularly for up to 7 days mostly in the morning or sometimes, morning and evening,  you you will notice most inflammation's are gone from your body including the unseen inflammations you will not feel most pains against,  waist pains or even  if you have existing pains before,  majority of them will disappear within few days of consistently taking this drink, either  once or twice daily it's a great inflammation fighter that is the meaning of this effect thatI  noticed during  few days of drinking this herbal teas  combined together

4.  Calms the brain:

They are both brain foods and  you will noticeably feel less numbness and less depression.  You will generally feel well from inside.  These feelings are noticed when you continue for a few days, when you start taking this combination or if you're already going through depression you will notice an improvement.

5.  Healthy Weight loss:

Most importantly you will notice a healthy weight loss which is very very important for older adults when weight loss comes in a healthy way it means, the immense  system is boosted and when you  begin to add weight which is very easy as we age,  diseases also come along with it such as  high blood pressure, diabetes and all types  diseases. You can also safely take it in the morning without meals especially for weight loss.

6.  Reduce blood Pressure and Sugar

Noticeably the blood pressure is also controlled as much and as well as the blood sugar too, by the mere combination and consumption of the two combination.

7.  Improved Sleep

If you  have been having problem falling asleep at night you can start your day after your water therapy with this drink and even you can also take it midday  after your meals  especially your main meals containing oil and fat.

8.  Aids Digestion

Just worried about your  digestion or  if you have slow digestion and you need an aid, we all know that Ginger is also good in activating the stomach digestive juice and with the synergy of pomegranate which is also a source of vitamin C it works well to support our digestive health and much nutrients also in pomegranate with a little protein makes it a perfect combination.

9.  Improves Blood Circulation 

Improved blood  circulation is quite essential for wellness and to maintain a strong immunity,  so it's also one of the major benefits of consuming this tea.  You  will notice improve blood circulation and this also will bring about improved wound healing especially for prediabetics, diabetics and speeds the healing of certain wounds.


The combination have numerous other benefits including suppressing hunger and improving energy level, it's better to try it and let us have your comment also because it definitely have numerous other benefits which you may  also observed by consuming the combo,  remember that moderation is our rule.  Too much of everything including the good things is bad.

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