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Sunday 26 November 2023

Health Benefits of Lemon Grass Tea



One of my top teas these days is lemongrass tea.  The tea is naturally caffeine-free and has numerous health benefits too.   Several years ago I usually feel that lemongrass tea was too strong or harsh to my body but recently I have discovered it has become one of  my top teas for maintaining a healthy body and here are the times when I love to take this tea and the  health benefits I observe while taking lemongrass tea. So if you are looking for a tea that will help you lose weight, tackle malaria with several other benefits you should consider consuming lemongrass either with milk or without milk it goes well and that is one of the reasons,  if you are one of those that love milk once in a while you can also add milk to your lemongrass tea except when you are experiencing fever or other cold symptoms then  milk must be out of it just boil it and take like that or you can also boil it and add other herbs like occasionally I add green  tea or Hibiscus flower tea to it personally you can add herbs like soursop leaves if you are trying to lower blood pressure you can also add tumeric  and ginger once in a while they all go together I have tried them in various ways even with hibiscus tea.   

Here are my top health benefits of lemongrass tea.

1. Digestive Health:

 If you are experiencing low stomach acid and you are experiencing sluggishness in your digestion then you need to consider consuming lemongrass tea as it helps the stomach to produce acid for digestion and in this way aids   digestion.

2.  Respiratory Health:  

 If you are experiencing respiratory issue or problem breathing, You may also consider including the tea because it helps to improve the long is supposed the lungs and then also respiratory health.

3.  Cold and  fever symptom:  

If you are feeling cold and feverish or you suspect malaria lemongrass tea is also best to consider first before you start going for medications because it helps to support health and improve immunity in a lot of ways that puts down malaria symptoms such as fever. 

4.  Excess body fat.  

 if you are desiring to reduce your body mass or overall weight consider also including this non-caffeinated tea as it helps to boost metabolism and also burn un healthy fat while preserving the body.

5.   Insomnia:   

If you having problems sleeping at night.  You should also including lemongrass tea in moderation in the evening. either before night food or after but I usually prefer it before food, to avoid being hungry again as it boosts metabolism  and  you  experience sleep quality and quantity.

6. Tackles Constipation:  

It is able to tackle constipation also especially when you include fibre and healthy fat in the diet this has been my observation while using lemongrass tea you should consider it if you suffer frequent constipation because it is also good for clearing the colon.

7.  Menopause Support:  

Menopausal women should consider taking this tea as part of their fluid to reduce weight gain associated with menopause and support a heal thy body.  I'm of the view that this may be one of the reasons why this tea suddenly began to be good for me whereas before now I didn't use to like it because it appeared to be too harsh several years ago  but maybe these changes that has taken place in the body as a result of menopause has made the tea relevant.  My advise is to stop avoiding certain foods such as lemongrass or other foods for too long or indefinitely.  Try consuming them after a long time of abstinence  to know whether your body needs them at that time or not because some of us after testing and experiencing the negative or not getting result  expected we just abandon the food permanently and say it's not good for us.   Today I'm enjoying this tea but some years back I didn't use to like it at all because it was  too harsh  for me.

8.  Kidney problems 

It helps to remove toxins the body and  in this way supports  kidney health because it als acts as a diuretic  and helps you to urinate some things out.   If you need food that can support your kidney, consider also including lemongrass tea.

9.  Supports liver function

 It is also good for liver  function.  not only the kidney, support the liver in helping it remove some bad fat and cholesterol and  in this way the liver begins to do its job and when the liver and the kidneys are doing their job the entire body is revived and that is how I believe this tea is able to do a lot when we consume it at the right amount and the right time

10.  Toxins Removal

If you are feeling that toxins are too much in your body consider including or consuming this tea.   it is very easy also to prepare you just take some few leaves whether dried or fresh but don't let it be too dried 10 or a tea bag of it but fresh one always deliver best result if you have access to fresh lemongrass use it, just boil some fresh leaves, you may quiz it a little to allow the green colour show a little.

11.  Fight Inflammations:

If you are suffering inflammation or pain   this is one of the best benefits of this tea because during such experiences  it is almost always difficult to find tea or food  that will not increase the pain or  inflammations .  lemongrass tea is great for reducing pains or ward  off in time an impending pain.  it helps to reduce inflammation at all levels and this is one of the reasons I recommend it especially for older adults who are experiencing inflammations of all kinds .

13.  Fungal Infections

 If you are fighting fungi, this is one of the top foods that fight fungal, just boil the tea and drink and you will experience a reduction in the activities of fungus in the body.  It also reduce activities of some bacterias and viruses   causing disease and other infections in the body.  So if you are experiencing frequent bacteria attack,  frequent fungal infections then it is time to  consider consuming this tea regularly to reduce these activities and then  kill off  some of them

14 It supports Heart Health 

It is one of the teas that supports heart health.   If  you have heart related issues, then consider  including this tea  moderately to support your heart health, moreso that it is caffeine free and does not encourage cholesterol build up.

15.  High Blood Pressure 

 Those going through  high blood pressure can also include this tea moderately in their diet  like I say always, it is not only one food that is really needed to fight disease such as high blood pressure we must also know the cause of our own rise in  blood pressure and tackle it too, Additionally, this tea is a blood thinner and not only a blood thinner it also has other nutrients that helps to lower blood pressure. Diabetics and prediabetics can also benefit from this tea because of its numerous benefits in boosting immunity, fighting inflammations and several others


Lemon grass tea ,  it boosts immunity generally.   it that support fight against disease including cancers, cold flu,  headaches,  stress, and several other inflammatory conditions.  general.    I recommend any time you are feeling under the weather just prepare a hot cup of lemongrass tea but if you are not loving your feeling after the tea like I used to feel before if you feel it's too harsh or too strong for you you may also stay away for some time and then after some few months or years you try again it's a healthy tea that helps to fight disease but remember that moderation is our rule it has its own oil and flavour that also helps to reduce things like odour.


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