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Saturday 25 November 2023

28 Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper


Have you noticed that tiny seeds or tiny things are usually loaded especially edibles like alligator pepper seeds?.  They seem to be often more loaded than the bigger fruits, so it is with alligator pepper many people may know  the alligator pepper for various uses as it is often said that some use it for spiritual purposes although I am only familiar with it as a food,  as a seed that benefits health but it is better to  consume alligator pepper just as I have done before talking about it, to enable you understand how it affects your health.  Alligator pepper as  the name implies is a hot spicy seed said to belong to the family of ginger and has existed for many many years, the alligator pepper has many other sides but on the health aspect here are some of the ways that this tiny seed can benefit your health and I've also known it only for chewing.   I have not used it to cook or use it in any other way except to chew it occasionally as a raw food about 4 or 5  seeds depending on my need for the hour.  

Here are occasions and ailments that can benefit from alligator pepper

1. Asthma: 

Asthma affects a good number of people being a respiratory disease.   Most sufferers are  born  or contacted it at a   tender age and as they grew up,  they started experiencing the asthmatic attacks so in some cases it's like a childhood disease that usually  starts at childhood it is very rare to see an adult who started experiencing asthma at old age.  It usually starts from the Childhood for the most times and for most of the people that I have known and this seed benefits the respiratory tract muscle,  it has antibacterial properties too. those who are going through asthmatic attack may not have to wait for an attack. Chewing the seeds helps remove excess mucus which if not checked may trigger an attack.  It  help reduce inflammation, kill off some bacteria and fungus that sponsor an attack.

2. Indigestion: 

 Chewing  a few seeds of alligator pepper after an oil-rich meal or after a meal that you suspect may  be difficult to digest, it can aid  the digestion and reduce incidence of indigestion because it helps the stomach to produce digestive juice, that is why it is not good to consume it on empty stomach. It is best  when food is available those who are experiencing stomach ulcer will be careful when to consume the alligator pepper, they must ensure that food is available or  better still avoid it.

3. Body ache:

 It benefits all kinds of body aches and pains, joint pain will also benefit from this low calorie seed with its  anti-inflammatory properties and naturally occurring nutrients that kills pains naturally.  So if you suffer pains  frequently whether itteeth pain, muscle pain, joint pain you can get relief by chewing a few seeds.  It works best when suspect pain at the early stage, chew it before the pain increases.  

4. Anti inflammatory:

  Alligator pepper produces anti-inflammatory properties for those who are experiencing inflammation they can also chew it occasionally to reduce inflammation generally in the body.

5. Aphrodisiac: 

Menopausal women who are already experiencing low libido including men can chew alligator pepper to boost their libido. It  can benefit both men and women who are experiencing low libido or reduce sexual energy.

6.  Stimulant: 

It is also a natural stimulant and it has no caffeine like coffee but it has properties that stimulates the entire body,  keeping  you active and happy. if you are feeling sluggish, chewing it can actually stir you up to work with energy, reducing signs of depression and that is exactly one of the ways it benefits especially older people.  You may notice that most older people seem to be more interested in this tiny seeds.  You will observe that most of the old people selling it in the marketlooks smart, slim and energetic because they know the benefits they are making from it most of them are skinny too.

7. Malaria

 If you suspect malaria symptoms you can also choose some of it but not really work as a total Curr  in serious cases of malaria but if you suspect some signs or feeling like loss of appetite, inflammations, pains and all the initial signs that comes with malaria typhoid you can start to chew the  seeds to ward it off because it's better used when the attack is not in full swing like helping to prevent it from turning a full-blown attack of malaria.

8. Weight loss

If you are desirous to  lose weight in a healthy way, this is also one of the seeds you should be chewing  regularly and it will gradually burn off all the unhealthy fats and cholesterol without affecting the the healthy cells, it reduced bones density loss too,  making you look smart and agile.

9. Energy booster:

It is a  good energy booster,  if you are looking for energy especially when you experience low energy arising from too much inflammation in the body if you chew a few of these seeds, you will notice strength and a boost to your energy

10. Sperm booster

 Those experiencing low sperm count will also benefit by including this tiny seed in their diet.  

11. Worm expellan

It  is also a natural warm expellant. if suspect worms or fungus, such as candida  you can start chewing the seeds to limit or reduce their number especially as it is not so possible or easier to eliminate all the worms  but chewing it can help  you reduce  their number and  restore your health and energy.

12. Heals Gonorrhea 

Uncommon ailments like gonorrhea will also benefit from the antibacterial and antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that are found naturally in alligator pepper.

13. Heals vomiting

 if you suspect vomiting, you can also start chewing it, some cases of the vomiting may be due to worms or yeast activity in the body ,  it can help to reduce their number and  kill   off some of them more so  that it is not a source of sugar sometimes if there is too much imbalance of some nutrients in our body we may feel like we  want to vomit. Excess toxins also can trigger the urge to vomit,  if you have consumed certain foods a large amount that appear to be toxic, chewing  this  seeds will definitely push back the inflammation and then aid digestion if it's indigestion that wanted to cause the vomiting and  restore your immune system back.

15. Anti cancer:  

It  possesses anti-cancer properties too with  its  anti-inflammatory effect and disease-fighting properties, the  seed can be a great support to starve cancer cells of food, and cause death or reversal especially when back with proper nutrition.  if you  suspect things like a growth in the body, an abnormal growth you can starve that growth and reverse it by constantly chewing on alligator pepper this will not only starve the disease of food it will also strengthen your immune system and strengthen the healthy cells why weakening the unhealthy cells.

16. Heals muscle pain:

 Some muscle pain may be due to malaria symptoms,  some may be due to low antioxidant level in the body including or chewing on this tiny seeds may raise antioxidant level in the body to be able to ward off muscle pains.

17. Heals arthritis 

Those suffering from arthritis will also benefit from this low calorie tiny seeds especially at the onset.  Best at the  initial stage, it is important to also include healthy food, protein-rich foods to help while consuming the seeds because it's a healing seed it will not be beneficial to consume much carbohydrates while on this seed, avoid processed foods  and other foods that are causing the problem including other healing foods especially protein in order to get the best benefits.

18. Boost immune system:

The low calorie nature of the seed with Zero cholesterol makes it a powerful immune booster,  so you feeling cold or feverish, you can start chewing on alligator pepper to heat you up and boost your immunity. 

19. Heals Flu or common cold 

If you suspect cold and flu it's also a good seed to ward off cold I'm feel most times when cold and flu comes is the sign of low immunity and even during the season when people are prone to experiencing code you can chill this sit regularly to strengthen your immune immune system and avoid contacting the cold and the flu

20. Helps blood flow: 

 Those who are experiencing poor blood circulation,  who are experiencing high cholesterol, and clogged arteries can start including or chewing on this seed to help open up the arteries and improve blood flow.

21. Calming Inflammations: 

 Sometimes some inflammation cannot be seen physically with our eyes but they are ongoing internally in our body and so when we are often sick and any little thing we are experiencing pains it may be a sign that,  there is inflammation going on in our body and so we may need to start to include alligator pepper in moderation to reduce inflammation generally at all levels.

22. Cardiovascular Health: 

A good cardiovascular support.   Those who are having cardiovascular problems can chew the seed moderately to reduce bad  cholesterol, unhealthy fats and other things in the body that may try to weaken the heart function when there is too much fat in the food when there is high cholesterol and a lot of other microbes in the body they may contribute to heart or cardiovascular problems and so including this will help reduce most of this agents of unhealthy fats and cholesterol and then strengthen the heart  muscles.

23. Protects Body at cellular level.

 These tiny seeds  has also  shown to provide cellular support at cellular level. it is a warming food, very hot and so our body is expected to be warm at all times, l and so anything that brings about coldness will not support our body at cellular level and so this tiny seed is a warming food, warming foods  provides warmth for the body all over, and in this way the cells  are  also protected.

24. Remove harmful bacterias and allow helpful bacteria to thrive.

  The seed is able to do this  because it has antibacterial properties and so as it works against the harmful bacteria,  it  supports the healthy gut bacteria, for this reason if you are suspecting that there is an overgrowth of harmful bacteria you can start to chew the seeds to reduce the number of harmful bacteria because when they   outnumber the healthy bacterias,  our immunity will be suppressed.

25. Body detox 

If you suspect  toxic overload in  the body you can also start chewing on the tiny seeds, it Relieves constipation and helps to reduce toxins or help the body to detox of waste.

26. Treat depression:  

A warming food which is great for circulation and those who are experiencing depression can also benefit by chewing few seeds  during the day to help reduce symptoms and  feelings of depression, it also acts as a stimulant.

27. Heals menstruation cramp.

  Those who are experiencing menstrual cramp can also benefit by including it or chewing  it especially towards the period of a menstruation when the blood is too thick they can start to chew it at that point to help dissolve some of the clots  that may be contributing to the cramps or cramping.

28. Burns belly fat:

It makes a great food for those who want to lose fat belly fat .  It  has nutrients that targets belly fat being  a warming food and this aspect is one of the most important positive side of the seed.


 Alligator pepper is great for fighting and starving diseases, however those with fresh stomach ulcers, must be cautious with the seed because it quite hot.  It is best taken when food is available and it should be taken in moderation.  Maximum of  6 or 7 seeds are usually okay for me.  Those managing high blood pressure should also be cautious with the seed as frequent consumption could trigger elevated blood pressure

Photo Credit:  Naija shop.


  1. Thanks for the info in this write up, I'm going to try it and will give you updates

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I will give it a try for my joint pains.