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Friday 2 June 2023

If you are Pre diabetic or Diabetic, then do this one thing



Now if you are pre-diabetic or a diabetic you must do this one thing which may save your life.  Cases of diabetes  and  Pre diabetics are  on the increase daily because of our lifestyle and various other factors, but  interestingly, mother nature has  provided a lot of foods that can help us out no matter how bad our situation maybe and if you are already in your 40s or 50s and thinking that diabetes is not for you,  you may be wrong because it has a lot  to do with age, meaning that  the older you get the more conscious you should be and the more aware of  it is  also important to get  all the information and knowledge as much as possible on this matter in case you may need it at any time fie yourself or a loved one.  Here is one secret oil that you need to keep at home because for  various reasons.   

When people have diabetes symptoms. Majority  tend to  ignore it and are  not even careful to go for test or other investigations because of the damages that this ailment  does to the body and organs most time before they are even detected but this very oil can help you in a lot of ways  because I have tested it, I have used it though not on a daily basis  but on  rare occasions and it has proved to be effective in managing some conditions or symptoms which may not even be understood but are linked to high blood sugar and the oil I am  talking about is fenugreek oil.   Here are the reasons why you need to keep this fenugreek oil at home always as I do:

1.  Severe Indigestion:  there are sometimes indigestion hit the prediabetics or diabetics mostly  to too much of fibres, we have been told that everything about  fibre is good but no-one told us that too much is bad too,  but everything has its own limitations.   Sometimes we tend to overdo it and that is when this oil comes in. when a pre-diabetic or or a diabetic has gone overboard to take some fibrous foods that have become too much in the body and the heart begins to give signs or the body becomes  begins to show signs that it is too much, fenugreek seed oil will be needed as this point.    Just a teaspoon or less taken directly without any other thing if you like to take  warm water as some do, okay but just take a  teaspoon, sometimes  a  half capful of the cover depending on size of the bottle or container you are using the  but it is the size of just about a teaspoon taken directly and you will notice how it will circulate and begin to settle it.  if it is excess weight or non-availability of the oil  to digest the food,  it supplies it. 

2.  Chronic Constipation: Another best first time when you need fenugreek oil  constipation is severe in cases of  severe.  constipation, constipation may sometimes also be  linked to indigestion but in a way they are different, because some constipations may be due to insulin resistance, lack of exercise, excess body weight, lack of enough oil in the diet and several other factors may be responsible for some forms of constipation including lack of fibre in the diet and in that case fenugreek oil still comes to work and provide most of the nutrient lacking to make provide  relief for  constipation.    You may give it a try, it works very well to clean up and tackle those agents that sponsor constipation including yeast high sugar and other factors which in some cases are not the case with indigestion especially when the indigestion is linked to too much fibre in the diet.

 3.  Insomnia:  Insomnia is common with older people and diabetics and pre-diabetics are not left out.  When sugar is high in some cases it can lead to insomnia,  with some people and then with  some  other persons. It  is the other way but whichever way,  if fenugreek seed oil is taken in small amount it helps to support the gut and then to balance the hormones and other things that has kept the body out of balance making sleep un pleasurable.

4.  Weight Loss:   Finally when there is need to lose excess body weight, which has always been one of the major problems of pre-diabetics and diabetics and as a matter of  fact most other ailments.    if only we can put our body weight on the healthy part, you will agree with me that most diabetes and diseases including high blood pressure will be easily controlled.  Usually,  when there is increase in the body weight,  sugar level also begins to rise, though this is my  own observation. now if you noticed this that the sugar is rising because of body weight increase, you  may also need to begin to take fenugreek seed oil on an empty stomach.   On a few occasions it has helped, it will help to bring down the body weight and when the body weight is reduced,  high blood sugar also is  easily controlled.   If you have not been using this oil you may need to give it a try and give us your feedback how it worked  for you.  

 Summary:  Remember that moderation is our rule don't take too much because  when the sugar is too low it also has its own problems and consequences.   


  1. Thank you ma for great work God is doing through you. Please how can l get the oil ( Fenugreek)
    How much is it?