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Monday 18 December 2023

Signs we need Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Top Food Sources



Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients need by our body for optimal health, there are other fatty acids such as omega-6 Omega 9 and others that are still being researched but what is special about the omega-3 is that our body cannot produce omega-3 you must have to consume foods that contains omega-3 in order to have it and that is why it is very very important also to know the foods where you can find them as I shall be disclosing some of the common ones in this post omega-3 is so important especially as we are aging  in a lot of bodily functions ranging from, but not limited to the following:

Bone health

 A lot of bone related issues could be avoided or the onset of bone issues could be delayed if we knew the importance of omega-3 and include them in our diet moderately but because of this ignorance a lot of older adults come up with  series of bone related problems which could be avoided just by consuming Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods in our diet in the right amount the absence of this fatty acid makes a lot of us suffer due to the ignorance of their function  and where to find them, it is not only calcium that makes bones strong as  some of us have been made to believe,  there are  other trace minerals and nutrients that are not even common in our daily foods such as omega-3 and we need to be careful especially as we eat to ensure we consume omega-3 rich foods for stronger bones.

Better Joint:

It  is one thing to have stronger bones it is also a different thing to have very good joints and tendons where the bones meet.  That is the joints the bones meet and there are very few minerals that are not needed in large amount that help with this connective points and Omega-3 fatty acids is one of such nutrients that help with this connecting points in various parts of our body like the joints  wondering why you are experienced too many joint pains even when you were taking medications, it  doesn't seem to even be reaching it most times it may be likely due to absence of Omega-3 fatty acids and if not addressed they developed to go out and all the more painful conditions inflammatory, conditions around the joints if it is not attended to as the body is degenerating the joints are degenerating the bones and a lot of other parts of the body so we need important nutrients like omega-3 in the small amount that they are needed to help this connecting points in our joints so we do not develop joint problems joint pains and similar conditions.

3.  Reduce Inflammations

On a daily basis inflammations occur in our body, and is caused by many factors some are caused by excess sugar some by excess body weight some  may be caused by infections,  some are caused by high blood pressure and just continue on like that.  Most of these inflammations are not seen with the visible eyes they are happening internally and some of them are even the cause of heart atta, k heart failure,  stroke and several other complications that happens but the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in the foods we eat may  reduce such occurrences.   Remember that this particular fatty acid cannot be manufactured by our body like some other fatty acid omega-6 for instance can be found in most of the vegetable oils and one of the leading cause of inflammations today may be related to  too much of omega-6 without the presence of omega-3 because when we consume vegetable oils and most of the processed foods they are prepared and most times   preserved with this oil and all of them contain omega-6 so sometimes when the  omega-6 becomes too much in the body and there is no omega-3 , it  creates an imbalance in the body and that imbalance leads to inflammation that is to say the body responds to the imbalance by creating inflammation so if we need to reduce inflammation in the body generally.    We must endeavour to include Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods so as to reduce too many inflammations. 

Reduce Autoimmune Disease

When the body begins to attack  itself as a result of certain imbalance or health issues that have not been addressed then we refer to such attack on as autoimmune and  most times it is even difficult to manage medically but when there is Omega-3 fat in the body it may reduce such incidences where the body turns again and attacks its own self for various reasons this happens,  even though we may not be aware of what will be going on internally but it's only when we begin to manifest symptoms physically, symptoms that such diagnosis could be made that this is an autoimmune disease and this is usually   difficult to manage or even diagnosed but if we consume Omega-3 fatty acids in the right amount it could delay or  stop such occurrences.

Support Heart Health

I personally have no doubt in believing the effect or importance of this rare fatty acids in supporting a healthy heart when we are aging especially women we are often faced with cases of heart attack, heart failure and other   heart-related issues,  the heart is a delicate organ and we must take care of it by taking the foods that will support the heart muscles we must avoid too much of fat especially bad fats , fat one of the worst enemies of the heart, I have personally experienced it if you take too much of fatty  foods even though the fact may be a healthy one.  Omega-3 can help to strengthen the heart and then make it to be able to be resilient in case of such occurrences.  We have to make efforts in maintaining  a strong heart with good muscles,  strong muscles omega-3 is one of nutrients that helps to support the heart health and  may reduce incidences of heart attack stroke or heart failure.

Reduce Depression 

Consuming consuming Omega-3 fatty acids which foods may also reduce severe cases of depression even if we  are already managing depression.   The case of depression is difficult for some people to really understand, many people are going through it unknown to them but if you have not been taking this seriously it's important to understand that most older adults,  and youth go through one form of depression or the other and in order to manage some of these things we can include such foods with omega-3 is in our diet so as to reduce or delay such occurrences and avoid complications.

Support brain Health

 This is also one of the few brain supporting foods which we should include in moderation here are some of the common food sources since it is not so common in our local market we can supplement with occasional fish oil to meet the requirement of this important nutrient that must come from what we eat.

Common food sources of omega 3 fats.

African walnut




African bread fruit

Some fatty fish

ChIa seeds



Moringa leaves 



Hemp Seeds

and other foods including some green  vegetables too

Moderation remains our rule


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