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Tuesday 18 July 2023

Kudin Tea To The Rescue

 As soon as I concluded from my inner instinct that I needed bitters to help support my liver.   I went for Kudin tea which I had left out of my diet for several months.  Although there are other bitters like neem tea, bitter leaf. Bitter cola, abere seeds and others, but all the bitters are not the same, Each one is unique. 

It was about 2am and I went ahead to boil water and prepared my kudin tea.

 I sipped like  three to four sips  from the cup and laid  down again before I knew it, I was off to sleep until the morning my people there is no too much saying about it I'm not marketing Kudin tea, but it was the herbal tea that rescue that ugly situation at midnight.

The truth is that this particular tea came to the rescue that night whether it was high cholesterol, malaria or typhoid,  stress whether it was to excess sugar whatever it was indigestion it was able to tackle it  brought the situation under control.

It is important for us to know some of this happiness it will help us also in case we have such experiences and we have tried our medications at times or whatever remedies we knew and it didn't work it may be time to also listen to what your body is saying this tea has other benefits.  Watch the video.


Remember to take moderately, too much of everything is bad.  Too much bitters is okay.  You may take in the morning after water therapy especially if you suspect bacteria infections or high blood sugar, for insomnia, take it after dinner, for other benefits. You can take it midday too, but I do not suggest more than two cups in a day.


  1. Good one ma'am, kuding tea is the best