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Sunday 16 July 2023

All my Home Remedies failed but This tea worked


It is important to continue to update us from time to time as some of these benefits are discovered and helping in some critical  situations I have often talked about the importance of bitter foods in our diet and there are several of these bitter Foods around and also the need to always have them at home because there may be times such as this one when all other remedies may fail, So it was on this very occasion that I tried all of  them that night and all failed but Kudin tea,  popular Chinese herbal tea came to the rescue.  Read on as I share my experience and you may also benefit from it.

The Days Before 

It had been a hectic week for me with a lot of jobs both online and offline and as I have often told us when we are under stress the body's ability to manage sugar is completely reduced to almost zero at times.   It is a time that we should avoid all carbohydrates and sugary foods until we come out of the situation that is the truth we have always known and I  had always too.  So on this very occasion  it was a very hectic period and my body was under stress, I mean  serious stress of course we know that, there  is a lot of stress even in the environment  these days, both physical mental emotional and all of that so I had deliberately avoided all carbohydrates and consumed black eyed cowpea with some vegetables in the midday and then a few fruits fruits towards evening and so this very night I said okay,  let me have oats with some dates and Cocoa as a bitter something to add to it and for magnesium too. to join it which though  has a mild caffeine so I prepared and had the meal with my spouse although, I tried finishing it as it swelled more than my expected, honestly, oatscis high in carbs,  I ensured to finish the little leftover to avoid wastage, we should all also beware of this passion to avoid waste, it has landad many in trouble, let it waste instead of wasting us.   It ought to be just one or two spoons but it was a bit more than that so this is also  an aspect we must all guard against too,  the portion, there are times when our body needs just rest and not food too, why are we so eager to have something.   After that I went to rest for a  few minutes and off to bed.  

The truth however is that the day before this incident I had not had a smooth night 2 or 3 days before so it was also a sort of carry over  of stress which occasionally happens  to many of us arising from a lot of other factors night programs, parties,  praying vigils,  blogging, attending  issues, unexpected issues like long  phone  calls which when they are not respected and  lasts for like 45 minutes or more than that t may come at a time you are  already under stress so that will add to the stress and that was also the experience on this occasion,  I had a lot of calls and some of them were very long calls and some of them came at an expected time so that also  added  up for the  already existing stress this is also an experience I have noted that if we are in the position of attending to people or members,  receiving calls etc,  it is better to always put our phones on lowest volume or better still on silence,  don't forget this I've also learnt from it put it on silent so that you can return some of the important calls  when you are done with your hectic time.

It looked like a Heart Attack

Many including me, have been hearing of heart attack,  and cardiac arrest,  heart failure and other heart related issues, it seems to me to be more prevalent amongst women especially menopausal women.   It  is better not to experience it because sometimes it doesn't give any warning and sometimes it does and so it happened  that after consuming my own oats and other added stuff and all the recipes I already stated above,  less than 2  hours I went t to relax after taking fennel tea with a little ginger to aid the digestion.  Off I went to bed about one hr later, sleep was alread heavy on my eyes and my entire body and it came pushing my heart and ibfact ceased it, I battled to get it back. After that episode, I prepared mystletoe tea and took about half cup of the warm tea and went back to sleep.   These are sone of the teas I take when I need a little push to fall asleep, but this time, it failed also as effort to take off to sleep ended  with another voilent epolisode of of cough while struggling to recover my heart, Could this be what they call Heart Attack🤔😫 .  Anyway, I decided to take water (room temperature) but it failed also, infact it was like adding salt to injury.  

I began to try My Remedies that all failed.

taking my water well worth taking taking water and sleep tried to come and this thing keep pushing on my heart with force and cough very difficult Cup that first one was arrested and it stopped second time I went to bed again it came again the second time with a false on my heart I jumped up and try to recover myself and this it was so worked there after I was too tired to go to look for one water ice okay let me check cold water I'm in room temperature water around me so I went ahead and drank it low and behold it was like adding salt to injury I went back and then after.

Then I continued trying all remedies that hitherto worked for me on high stress levels such as this.   Already tried fennel tea, it failed,  tried mistletoe teac, it failed too.  Tried water, it got worse,  so I began to wonder what exactly was the problem after sometime I lay down again and decided to listen to my body as I have always taught us actually, I usually do it during crisis too, May God help us all to be able to decode what the body needs each time.

It was time to Listen to My Body

 So when I laid down I said this time around, I was  not going to sleep least it happens a again, interestingly, I have not suffered cough for over 12 years nor taken cough syrup, I concluded it was time to listen to my body least it happens again and take my enemies life.   but this time around as I lay down and began to listen to what was going on inside my stomach I  discovered that my liver  was actually under serious attack the reason was actually not known to me but I suspect stress because liver hate stress as I always tell us that one of our livers  worst enemies is stress.   So maybe  due to the stress, the liver was almost totally down and because of the stress again the food was just there trying  circulating and nothing was happening and it began to shoot at the heart in form of inflammation.  That was the climax of it.

Kudin Tea to the Rescue 

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