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Saturday 22 July 2023

Top Foods to Lower Blood Pressure



It is worrisome when you see how so many people struggle with high blood pressure despite all  the remedies we have around that have proven to be potent.  It is therefore important to firstly know the cause of the high blood pressure, before diving into remedies.  some high blood pressure are  due to too much sodium in the diets, inbalance between sodium  and potassium.  Some are also caused by a lack of exercise, too much sedentary job in the diet and several other factors so it is not surprising therefore that when you try remedies they failed to deliver despite testimonies that they worked for other people you need to know the cause of your own blood pressure increase some are even due to low oxygen in the blood if is the case of low oxygen there are foods that can also help address this so all the remedies that had to be listed here you need to firstly know the cause of your own high blood pressure so that you'll be able to address it I have managed several cases of high blood pressure and it seems that each person's case is unique.

The top most common causes are :

Too much Processed foods in the diet which comes with salt

Too much animal Protein and unhealthy fats 

Low Potassium in the diet

Excess weight

Absence of raw foods in the diet

Excess alcohol Consumption 

Absence of Anti inflammatory  foods in the diet

Lack of exercise

It is important for older adults to always check their blood pressure as it could be triggered by even stress or unstable emotion, occasional check will help prevent complications such as stroke.

Top Foods that lowers High Blood

Seeds. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, moringa seeds. Avocado seeds, cumin seeds, Sunflower seeds

Teas:  Soursop leaves tea. Lemongrass tea, Hibiscus flower tea, Pomegranate tea, Sycamore tea, Beetsroots tea or juice

Nuts:  almond nut, cashews, walnut, good sources of Magnesium. Calcium and other minerals 

Spices in clothes garlic, ginger turmeric cinnamon, onions, black pepper, cayenne pepper

Fruits like pineapples, apples, golden melon watermelon, bananas, berries, cucumbers. Avocadoes

Citrus  like  lemons, Limes,  grapes, 

Greens vegetables like spinach, kale, collad greens, efirin, moringa leaves in moderation, waterleaf, okro, also all low calorie veggies like cabbage, tomatoes cauliflower, Green  Bell Peppers 🫑, 

Bitters like  Abere seeds, cudin tea, most bitters also like pawpaw leaves tea, bitter leaf tea, 

Beans and legumes like kidney beans, chickpeas, black eyed cowpea, these are high in proteins and fibre which can help lower high blood pressure.

Yoghurt, low fat milk, these are calcium sources which can also help lower blood pressure.

Grains like oats, millet, brown rice and soghurm Bicolour.  These are rich in B vitamins, for energy production without increasing cholesterol.

Healthy Fats like cold Pressed olive oils, organic peanut oil, almond oil, avocado 🥑 oil.

Sweet Potatoes, unriped plantain

Other foods are omega 3 rich foods like sardines. Salmon,  eggs, fish oil,  Dates, honey, tigernut for calcium, chia seeds. At least 7 hours sleep, bitter cocoa in moderation. Warm water therapy in the morning and moderate exercise especially walking.


Regular checking of your BP is important too in ensuring that complications does not arise.  Avoiding too much sitting, and too much stress.  Extreme of any of these could trigger rise in blood pressure especially if you already had it.


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