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Tuesday 25 July 2023

Health Benefits of Akidi (Eastern Nigerian Delicacy)



This is an Eastern Nigeria delicacy popularly called Akidi it's a beans, I like to call it green beans, I is a cowpea, It  is in the beans family or legumes contains a lot of plant proteins vitamins and minerals and is a seasonal food got this from the market and decided to prepare it by adding black eyed cowpea using this as a low-calorie vegetable to enrich the meal and indeed it makes a good and perfect meal for those managing diabetes those with high blood pressure because it's a source of potassium,  magnesium and other beneficial nutrients   It is  great for constipation too.   Here are the top reasons why you should include or enjoy this vegetable which comes in season before it  goes 

For High Cholesterol 

 If you are managing cholesterol and you are wondering how to reduce your bad  cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, then it is time to embrace this food because it is rich in fibre particularly soluble fibre which helps to lower cholesterol.

Constipation Relief

 If you have issues moving your bowel or constipation the add  this rich vegetable I'd like to call it  green beans because it has the same look and shape with green beans because it has seeds similar to beans  exactly like beans with different colours some are black.  Some are  brown,  some are  white,  while some are light green, so with different colours in the inside of it I call it green beans, themain difference is that it is soft and does not take long to cook like beans which are harder.   When it is still young and fresh you can include it to tackle constipation, it is very good for cleaning the bowl of waste, Additionally all seasonal foods are good for you.

For Diabetics and Prediabetics 

For diabetics and pre-diabetics this is a perfect food for those managing sugar issues like insulin resistance type 2 diabetes.  It makes a perfect food with high fibre that  can keep you fuller for very long time which is an aspect of managing diabetes that is quite important to avoid frequent consumption of foods especially food that have no nothing to offer to the body.  so this food is rich and it keeps you fuller for longer I have actually enjoyed it and I know that it makws a great addition for all the those s in the category of diabetics and pre-diabetics

High blood pressure 

Another group are those that are managing high blood pressure you can include it because it's a source of potassium and rich in nutrients above beside that is high in plant proteins and other nutrients that helps to strengthen the immune system those who are also managin.g weight want to lose weight in a healthy way should include this food rkd in their diet consume it because they come during the rain during the month of July and August so enjoy it before it goes to help build your body and strengthen immunity you can cook it in different ways you can prepare it with other vegetables or you can even add this to Rice you can add it to use it to prepare your yam but I prefer it to cook it with beans all black high-top because where we are found out that beans is high in carbs so I like to pay beans with low carbs like this pairing beans with ham or potatoes or the cubs may not be perfect for older adults or those managing their weight or those managing an element or the other so this is a perfect addition that you can add to reach it and make make you Fuller for longer

Heart Heart

If you are aiming to strengthen your heart health then you consider including This low calorie vegetable in your diet because it is a source of potassium magnesium and other nutrients and above all is a source of fibre which is also good for managing heart issues


According is easy to prepare chicken cook it a loan and add all the ingredients like red palm oil in moderation salt and other bet I like to prepare it by adding cook preparing cowpea black eyed cowpea then when it's about to be ready then I had this particular attendee and then use it as my vegetable with onions garlic ginger cayenne pepper and other ingredients to the food with sea salt I like to use insult and it's something that test also nice and great and keeps you Fuller for longer is easy to prepare about 20 or 15 minutes on a low gas cooker is ready

In summary 

Seasonal foods are best consumed during the season this food is one of such foods, but moderation remains our rule.


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