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Saturday 11 November 2023

5 Top Reasons to Choose Sweet Potatoes as Your Carbohydrate



Sweet potatoes is a popular food but who's the nutritional value  has just recently become known to many of the consumers.  Sweet potatoes is a carbohydrate source and a healthy one, it comes in different colours either white sweet potatoes, and the purple sweet potatoes in this article the reference will be generally to white sweet potatoes although the purple potatoes seems to be healthier for the diabetics and some health-conscious persons because  the carbohydrate seems to be less and not only that, purple foods have been known to be great for fighting diseases especially degenerating diseases.  We all need carbohydrates for energy and for our daily activities and over time as the years goes by, it  becomes a bit more difficult to choose which carbohydrates to  take, or consume, some tend  to switch to grains.   In a previous  article I'd already made my  position known about the grains,  that they are not the best choices but here is one carbohydrate that is very dense in nutrition,  it is in fact a super food in my own estimation,  though  high in carbohydrates but if taken in moderation it is one carbohydrate I would recommend for most health-conscious persons including the diabetics and those managing high blood pressure.

Here are Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Sweet Potatoes as your chosen carbohydrate:

1.  It is easily digestible:  

When rating  a food whether to rate it as a superfood or not will also depend to a great extent on its digestibility and this is an aspect that sweet potatoes has excelled too.   It is easily digestible and does not produce gas like its counterpart  yam, a lot of people also tend to confuse the sweet potatoes with yam, yam is not as sweet as the sweet potatoes, just as the name implies, a  lot of people tend to fall for the yam because it's not naturally sweet when you consume it but it is quite higher in sugar and yet not as dense as sweet potatoes.   If you realise and know this truth you will definitely consume more of sweet potatoes than yam.  the yam is also not good for diabetics at all because it causes a spike in blood sugar a lot of people are not aware of this fact because of the taste but studies, research and other individual using it have shown that it is not a better food for diabetics and other health problems but sweet potatoes definitely is, and that is in the area of being easily digestible though it is rich and dense, yet easily digestible that is a big plus for this food.

2.  Tackles constipation :  

Another Plus for sweet potatoes is its ability to tackle constipation especially when you combine it with other greens, you will get the best part of sweet potatoes in dealing with constipation and we know that when constipation is allowed, toxins are held in, in our system  and that also suppresses our immunity but when you have a food that can help you in pulling toxins out through the colon, it is best to embrace such a food.   Its high nutrient density helps push out the waste out of our system.  This is a great plus for supporting our immunity. Sweet potatoes helps tackle constipation especially when you consume it by adding a little fat , people tend to believe that since it is heavy and dense it does not require oil again I have heard people say they are consuming sweet potatoes just like.  This is not okay.   All root vegetables which sweet potato is also one of them require some form of fat or oil like olive oil, coconut oil red palm oil or any other oil to help it get well absorbed and its nutrients also properly assessed by the body.  so if you have been consuming sweet potatoes just like that or without oil you have to change and start adding a little oil in order to help it  digest properly and then you get the nutrients in it.

3.  High Content of Vitamin A, E and others:

 Another very interesting aspect of this food is the high content of the antioxidant vitamin A, C and E, Though we know  when cooking it, that  some of the vitamin C is destroyed because of heat but the A&E and other nutrients are there in tact so for those who are managing ailments including arthritis, and  all kinds of degenerative diseases can benefit by including such foods with naturally occurring antioxidants in high amounts like vitamins A and E and this two antioxidants are also anti-aging in nature so they delayed the onset of wrinkles that is why it is better for older adult to include  sweet potatoes as a healthy  carbohydrates anytime they want to consume carbohydrates  against the grains which is what many of them normally consume but should be consumed moderately because of its calorie. 

4.  Anti Inflammatory:

 Its anti-inflammatory properties is also another aspect that makes the food stand out amongst all the other carbohydrates carbohydrate-rich foods it has a natural anti-inflammatory like the vitamins mentioned earlier and the rest of it and so they help to push back inflammations but this anti-inflammatory response only happens when you take it in moderation when you consume large amounts of this high dense food which I have observed in consuming it, that  it will result in weight gain and weight gain will also trigger inflammations.   so moderation remains the rule if we must enjoy this aspect of sweet potatoes.

5.  Rich in Potassium, magnesium, calcium and Iron:

 Interestingly, it is also very high in potassium, magnesium,and  calcium:   These are important minerals for supporting  bone density, for those managing high blood pressure and  for several other health conditions they can rely on sweet potatoes consuming it in moderation in order to manage these ailments.  It is a healing food even for those managing stomach ulcers too and to get healed it is in fact a healing food for those with degenerative diseases and ailments but only when consumed in moderation.


It is best to consume sweet potatoes in the morning because of the high carbohydrate content of it and then to consume it also with a little vegetable  talking of green vegetables and other proteins adding fat in moderation is also a great way to increase its absorption. remember however that moderation is the rule as often  as you feel like consuming sweet potatoes just consume it in moderation don't consume very large amount continuously on a daily basis I like to take a break for after like 2  or 3 days and exchange with another carbohydrates  or a grain because too much of every good thing too is bad.

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