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Sunday 12 November 2023

Here is one Suitable and clean Snack for you and why?


 If you have ditched  peanuts and all its derivatives because of its inflammatory nature and other health concerns then you should consider replacing it with a healthier option of nut with better profile that will supply you with  needed nutrients without hurting your health. Coconut meat is the flesh that you get after cracking your coconut, you can make your coconut milk from the meat or even the oil. But consuming the fresh coconut meat without any form of processing is the part of coconut being described here.  Nuts generally are desirable because they are rich in  nutrients,  they are handy and they also support heart health, the only problem with nuts is that most nuts are high in calorie and must be taken cautiously to avoid weight gain. So if you have decided to reduce your peanuts consumption just like myself here is what I am now snacking on moderately and  why?

8 Reasons why You should  be snacking on Fresh Coconut meat in Moderation:

1.  Fresh Coconut meat boosts Metabolism:

Fresh coconut meat is my latest snack because it boosts metabolism as a matter of fact,  the older we get the more we should embrace foods that supports our metabolism like coconut,  so much has been said and  talked about the oil but the coconut meat is also another food because it houses the oil and when consuming the coconut meat the milk  also is there with all the nutrients including the oil and so it  is a metabolism boosting food and does not  produce gas when you consume it. it also supports the metabolism of all the foods if there were foods also that you already consumed, it will support its  digestion and provide the fat needed because most foods actually requires some amount of fat for proper digestion and so while  we are trying to avoid fat in our diet and consuming fresh coconut meat in moderation will provide some of this fats to support healthy digestion

2.  It is a Clean food

A lot of foods today  are highly adulterated already  because of chemicals and other preservatives. some are being forced to ripen so many things have affected the food and the fresh foods we consume today, most of them are no longer what they used to be but the fresh coconut meat is one of the cleanest foods especially if you are fighting any disease if you are trying to clean your system,   if you are trying to do a detox you should consider taking fresh coconut meat instead of leaving your stomach empty or not eating anything because you will notice that almost everything does not seem to be okay.   when you consider the fruits, the vegetables it's almost difficult to find something that will give you energy without bringing in chemical preservatives and other pollutions along with them.   Coconut meat is one uncommon clean  foods.   so when next you are looking for a healthy snack to eat for energy consider fresh coconut meat.

3.  A source of important minerals like calcium,  iron, zinc, vitamin C and healthy fats:

It is difficult to consume fresh coconut meat regularly and suffer from mineral deficiencies.  minerals like iron , zinc, calcium  and even vitamin C.  it is one of the healthy snacks that you can consume and get most of these minerals unadulterated from this snack.  Moreso, it does not require cooking, frying or boiling.

4.  A source of Healthy Fats

It is a source of healthy fat and healthy fats are brain foods, healthy fats are good for our cell membrane,  healthy fats are good for quality energy,  and healthy fats are also good for resisting diseases and infections.   This is one of the strongest points of coconut meat,  the fresh coconut meat will help support the brain health because it is a brain food. and fight against diseases as well

5.  Fights Yeast Infection, and reduce viral load of bacterial:

If  you suspect yeast infection or overgrowth of yeast which is very common these days because of the kind of food we consume, being  mostly processed foods and foods with preservatives and you want to do a cleanse  like a fungal cleanse like you want to cleanse your system of these  fungus,  almost every food including the grains will work against the effort except foods with healthy fats like fresh coconut meat with its disease-fighting agents like lauric acid, papric acid and medium chain fatty acids.

6.  Burns Belly fat

Fresh  coconut meat burns belly fat specifically targeting those fats that cause the belly to protrude, those things that cause belly to stay bloated, it destroys most of these bacteria and leaving  the belly flat, if you are looking for how to get a flat tummy you can start snacking  on fresh coconut meat in moderation and stay away from biscuits, breads, which rice and all the carbonated drinks that contributes to belly fat.

7.  Supports weight loss

The fruit supports weight loss generally so those who are thinking that coconut will make them to add weight  because of the oil in it are  getting it wrong, try snacking on coconut and removing all the other carbohydrates, pair it with low calorie fruits  and you will notice a drastic drop in your weight especially if you don't overdo it but of course if you overdo it, it will give you a signal because of the fibre and the fact is consuming too much,  your chest will complain, you may  start feeling symptoms like cough   but once stop its consumption, all the symptoms disappears and go down.  it's not a toxic food that will remain in your body for a very long time because it is easily digestible and it has a short chain digestion too.

8. Provides quality energy

If you are usually tired and weak you should consider snacking on coconut as well or you are managing an ailment such as high blood pressure or high blood sugar or even stomach ulcer this is one of the best snacks for you that can help give you energy without bringing in acids into your body, because it's not an acidic food naturally unless you fry it and go beyond  consuming it fresh.

Best Foods that pairs with fresh Coconut Meat

Remember when buying your fresh coconut not to buy overmatured coconut, The type of  coconuts considered better and softer are the Ghana type. You can refrigerate the left over after cracking your coconut or soak the cracked fruit  in water till the next day.  You can also buy the already cracked coconut if you don't want to buy much or keep any.  

It is best paired with veggies like cabbage, carrots, you can it take with your ginger and tumeric tea, green tea or other foods that requires fat.  Even your unriped plantain , sweet potatoes can all  pair well in moderation to provide the needed fat for their digestion and absorption.  It goes well with dried tapioca powder (Garri) especially the fermented garri.  They all go well in moderation but diabetics should always follow up with something to lower sugar or add proteins like soyabeans powder to the garri or boiled egg to reduce insulin responses.


It's important to note  that while consuming coconut meat, you will not need to consume larger portion each time you're consuming it and it is best consumed in the morning,  assuming you are going out on a work going somewhere you don't want to consume any other thing, while  on the road,  instead of just going empty you can put it in your bag or whatever you are carrying to go along to avoid drinking carbonated drinks for energy all the energy drinks instead if you are feeling very low energy level you can just snack on it, this is one of the latest ways I have devised now to avoid sudden energy drop both in sugar and other weaknesses that may come as a result of low sugar arising from not eating at the right time when you have coconut around you do not need to worry about gastric issues or other gut or digestive problems, It is a healthy food snack that can be taken without fear of producing gas but just take it moderately and it is best to consume it alone.   Some  may consider consuming it with garri.  bread, or all other carbohydrates but that is only okay if you are not managing an ailment but besides that it goes very well with carbohydrates too,  Just understand that consuming it  with bread, garri, plantain or potatoes means increasing calorie and combining two carbohydrates together.  consuming it with biscuit amounts to  the same thing so it's best to consume it alone because it has the energy energy and all that you need and you'll be glad you did but remember that moderation is our rule it is better to consume it in the morning after your water therapy or in the afternoon if you're on a work it's not advised to take it before bed or at night because the fibre may trigger something like cough.

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