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Saturday 18 November 2023

9 Best Drinks to help you detox while sleeping


Detoxing,   that is a process through which our body uses in removing excess waste produced during the process of digestion and other metabolic activities. Removing  waste out of our body is one of the most important task required to keep us healthy and to preserve the internal organs from free radical damage.  the best time this  takes place is  usually at night while we are asleep.   Or in a sleep state although the toxins  can also be removed during the day but most detox happens at night and no wonder people generally go to the toilet first thing upon waking up, either to urinate or pass stool.  This habit is an indication that most of the work happened during sleep.    so it is important as we age to include foods that will support our detox system foods that have no calories and that will support our system to release waste and I have 7 of such drinks and teas that have been helping me to reduce toxic overload. Waking up with toxic overload can make one feel sick, sometimes resulting   in  elevated blood sugar and blood pressure as a result of the toxins.  It is important to avoid 8 foods that are difficult to digest while going to bed it's also good to take water as the last thing before going to bed this is one of the recent things I've begun to do even after taking any of these drinks.  it is still  plain water that helps with  its proper transportation and then to preserve our teeth because some of them may also have their impact on our teeth while we are sleeping.  

Here are 9 drinks  to support our detox  while we sleep at night.  

1. Oregano leaves tea

Oregano tea is a non-caffeinated tea which I have known for long but have not had the opportunity to consume it as tea despite knowing its numerous health benefits.   it's one thing to know the benefits of a thing or to hear of it,  it is also another thing to have a taste of it and so I have tested the dried oregano tea leaves  and in fact it's currently one of my top detox teas while going to bed.    Which is more frequently taken than all other teas because of its ability to kill off bacteria,  reduce mucus and  detox the body of toxins, it can also reduce  depression. reduce the urge to eat frequently which is good for diabetes management, that frequent desire to eat or munch on something after having your meal,  you won't feel it again you can just go on as long as you feel like in the morning this is one of the best benefits of this yea, additionally it's great for those who want to lose weight which is desirable.  Healthy weight loss  is a healthy way and  good for older adults because it also comes with some nutrients which is great because it has no calorie and it has no sodium.

2. Mint Tea: 

 Most of us are familiar with mint tea.  Its great  for aiding digestion pulling out waste out of the body,  but most importantly, it  is one of the top tips for removing toxins it has an  expectorant affect just like the Oregano  tea too.   Teas with such effects helps to pull out toxins that are  already stocked  in the body.  This  is one good thing about the mint tea when you take it, it helps to remove the toxins. It is good to  take it in the evening mostly before bedtime after  dinner it helps in a lot of ways.  it helps also to activate the digestive juice like in aiding digestion and so, it  is good to eat properly before taking at night, have a balanced diet before going to bed if you are going to take your mint tea and apart from that the main thing is also apart from the detox effect, it  is also calminative, so when you lie down in the evening especially menopausal women after the inhaling the mint oil or taking the mint tea you will have that calmness that you need and then additionally enjoy it the detox effect helping to boost your immunity whole you sleep.

3. ParsleyTea

Parsley tea is another one that I have added recently is it is great in terms of taste, though it affects blood sugar negatively,  just great taste.  taste great and like the other ones mentioned earlier but the reason this tea is important to be taken at night  because of its effect on kidney health if you need to strengthen your kidney health, then you may need to add this tea.  although it's a  diuretic, in  which case, you  make want to urinate at night, but reducing the amount of water you consume with may reduce this.  will not have to take much water with it so that you may urinate just once or at most wise but if you don't take much water with it, it will work perfectly when you now wake up in the morning and go for your water therapy it's also a naturally caffeine-free tea with a lot of other benefits but most importantly it also helps to remove toxins from the body and these are best done when we are sleep it's not a stressor too.

4.  Ginger and tumeric tea: 

Ginger and turmeric tea is  another combo that helps fight inflammations but also helps to detox the body of excess waste, it  is one of the teas that you can enjoy before bedtime because it helps to improve blood circulation and what of things like old but these are just Edition but the most important aspect of this tea lies  not only in regulating your blood sugar your bp blood pressure but also helping to detox the body.   Those who are having symptoms like  stomach ulcers may add something like a buffer to help to reduce its sharpness  effect.  If you like to take honey you can add honey, if you  like to take cinnamon you can add a little cinnamon with Honey to  it,  will still do its work helping you detox and helping you to lose weight, you will wake up feeling light and trimmed and additionally the lightness may also be as result of some of the toxins removed while asleep.

5.  Fennel seeds tea

Fennel tea  is also a great one that helps to move intestine to digest food so if you have not eaten very well before bedtime or you had a very light dinner, you   may not need to take Fennel  tea.  Since, it aids digestion,  and  also helps to drag or desolve waste ,  it  is great for constipation when you take it you will notice there is bulky  stool each time you pass out stool,  showing that the waste are also coming out with it.   this is one of the top benefits of fennel tea, it  is also a source of calcium and iron and other important minerals. these are the good things about this tea  and yet naturally caffeine-free.   Some of us think it's only black tea or green tea that you can take, there are more health benefiting drinks like fennel seeds without caffeine like black tea  which can help you especially dealing with toxic waste while we are asleep.

6.  Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar could be added to water like one tablespoon and taken before bedtime, if should suspect constipation and toxic overload, It  is also  good when you are experiencing malaria symptoms and it will make you wake up feeling light, you'll be able to go to the toilet and then also in doing that  some of the toxins also goes out with it.

7. Soghurm tea:

This is an uncommon tea but I do also rely on it because it's a red tea among the tea listed here, it  is the the only red  tea and group of teas with red colour are unique in terms of heart benefits they have special benefits for our heart and this in particular helps also with  toxins removal strengthening also the heart muscles and overall boosting of our  immune system.

8. Lemon tea

We  all know that lemon is a great source of vitamin C, and  vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant so if you can get the peels or  the lemon juice or the lemon peels and boil or brew tea out of the peels or combine both juice and peels, take as last thing at night in the night you will notice how the removal of  toxins out of your body, lemon works deep in this aspect that most of other drinks and because it works slowly and deeper, it is best taken at night  so as to enable it time to work.   lemon is also a  natural calminative and it  is also free of caffeine.

9.  Kudin tea 

Kudin tea is rarely used  because it is  quite Bitter but I'm beginning to love it because anytime you suspect malaria and typhoid or  you are feeling so sluggish even while on bed.  making a small cup of Kudin tea before going to bed, it  cools your liver, reducing bacteria activities, making  it a  sleep aid.    then while  you are sleeping toxins  removal goes on as you liver will be in good condition due to the presence of bitters from the tea.  It is  not a regular tea but once in a while it's great to use it especially when you are feeling under the weather. 


 It is best to alternate the teas, instead of just focusing on one particular one.  Variety they say is the spice of life.  Try to change after a few days, you switch to another tea.  This is one of the best ways to keep enjoying their benefits.   Most of the teas have essential oil version too.  So if you cannot brew the tea, you can inhale or use the essential oil or massage massage, you will get almost near same result and could add the oils to warm water and take orally too or just take few drops orally but I do not suggest orally for beginners because essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile oils.

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