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Friday 21 August 2015

16 Health Benefits of Natural Soyabean Powder

Soya bean seeds
Soyabean belongs to the family of Legumes. It is one of the earliest crops cultivated by man. Probably due to its high protein content. Proteins are important for tissue growth as well as for combating diseases. Research is showing that the diet of millions of people especially in developing countries is deficient in protein.
Soya bean is the one source of complete protein especially for vegetarians. It also contain amino acids best of all vegetable proteins and ranks in the respect of milk, egg and meat. Here are 16 health benefits of this food of the pen as it is called by Mahatma Gandi.

1. Heart Health: Soyabean powder contain phytoenzymes that help prevent blood clothing, heart oxidation and other heart related diseases.
2. Healthy Bones and teeth: Due to its high calcium content, it builds bones in children and the elderly.
3. Helps regulate blood Sugar: This is due to its high protein and fibre
4. Helps with Menopause: soyaprotein powder helps control menopausal disorder in women especially in the areas of hot flushes, memory loss, and tiredness.

5. Supports vital organs of the body like kidney and eyes.
6. Bénéficial to arteries by helping reduce arteriosclerosis
7. Soyabean powder contains isoflavones that help minimize the risk of developing certain cancers.
8. Soyabean is rich in B vitamins and thus stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the fut.
9. Combats Anaemia: Soyabean is good in addressing iron deficiency
anaemia due to its high iron content also important nutrients required for iron absorption.
10. Helps regulate Blood pressure. This is more because it is from plant source.
11. Vital Nutrients for growing children. Every wise woman still bearing children ought to be friendly with soya and its derivatives as the sure and affordable protein and calciun source for the children.
12. Soya bean powder is also helpful for the hypertensives and some complications in diabetes.
13. Rich in fiber: Fiber in soyapowder helps reduce constipation and control
Blood sugar.
14. Helps Reduce Fatigue: Soya bean powder contains high lecithin and highly effective in Managing mental fatigue and various nervous disorder.
15. Good Source of Energy: It is rich in rare omega e fatty acid, helping to boost energy and immune system.
16. Obesity Control: Soya bean Powder is a good supplement for weight control, dieting and reduces bad cholesterol which in turn reduces weight.
There are other health benefits which you can find out if you include it in your diet, though a few individuals experience allergy with soya consumption, and if you are on medication, consult your doctor before consuming soy protein powder or other derivatives of Soyabean.

Warning: Proper processing of soyabean must not be compromised for the following reasons:

1. Fermented soyabeans contain large quantities of natural toxins or anti nutrients. First among them are potent enzyme inhibitors that block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion. These inhibitors are large tightly folded proteins that are not completely de-activated during ordinary cooking. They can produce serious gastric distress, reduce protein digestion and chronic deficiency in amino acids uptake.
2. Soyabean contains haemoglytten, a clutt that causes red blood cells to clump together, trypsin inhibitors and haemaglyutten are growth inhibitors.
3. Soyabean is also known to contain goitrogene substance that depress thyroid function
4. Soyabean are known to be high in phytic acid, present in the bran and hulls of all seeds. It is a substance that can block the uptake of essential of fessential mineral, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract.
Soyabean has one of the highest phytate levels of any grain or legumes that has been studied and the phytate in soy are highly resistant to normal phytate reducing techniques such as long, slow cooking. Only a long period of fermentation will significantly reduce the phytate content of soyabeans


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