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Friday 21 August 2015

How To Keep Malaria and Typhoid Fever in Check Naturally

How To Keep Malaria and Typhoid in Check Naturally

3195684_origYou will agree with me that most of us  living in countries like Nigeria would have been treated of malaria fever at one time or another.  We all know that Malaria is one of the most common ailments suspected as soon as there is a rise in Temperature.  It is almost incredible to say publicly that you had not suffered the attack.  More disturbing today is the fact that it will always come with its cousin typhoid.  The essence of this piece is not to analyze the disease, but to seek nutritional and natural  approach to reduce the frequency or severity of the attack, when it does occur  based on my previous experiences.
We are told that malaria is caused by toxins deposited in the human blood through bites by various species of mosquitos.   Unfortunately, our region is the domain of this enemy called mosquito, probably due to poor hygiene, stagnant waters and poor health care.
I have heard of  so many deaths cursed by malaria or typhoid.  I have heard of infants as old as under one year diagnosed of malaria,  I have heard the elderly diagnosed of malaria, the youth, teens and middle aged are not left out.  I have suffered malaria myself severally, typhoid fever was my greatest dread.

I remembered some years back, during the years of my ignorance, I had a stressful workout, and began the run temperature, I had a Boss a specialist Physician who said it was malaria, I insisted that I was just treated of the disease only the previous weak and he stated categorically and I remember it now, “Malaria are always there, they only manifest when the opportunity comes” Now I begin to wonder?  Are there some hidden truths the researchers are not telling us about this disease?

After many years of ignorance, now I understand better.   And that has given me real insight which I must share through this site: What we actually call disease  or sickness is nothing but:
1. A malfunction of the cells that defends us
2.  It is toxicity resulting from our environment or too much junk from our daily consumption
The organs usually affected during the attack of malaria usually is Liver and Kidney.  These are the key organs.   When they stop the work of elimination of toxins, metabolism, and other activities they carry out to ensure our wellness, then we say, we are sick.  When there is too much sugar, or processed junk.  We task these key organs, and as soon as they stop working we complain of disease.
It is really interesting to understanding and know that perfect health is achieve-able, disease-free body is also attainable.
Symptoms of what we call malaria includes:
1 Fatigue
2 Loss of appetite
3 Too much sleep or insomnia
4 Headache
5 Chills or cold
6 Fever
7 Dizziness
8 Low energy
Other more serious symptoms may include:
Truly speaking, all the above are symptoms of cell malfunctioning on the inside particularly, the liver, kidney, pancreas and similar organs.
Fatigue:  Once fatigue is notice, it is suggested to reduce calorie and go on fluid more and take more time to rest.  This will enable the organs reverse their direction and proceed to heal the area causing the disease.  Unfortunately, some of us continues to work under one excuse or the other, neglecting their health which actually ought to get the best of their attention.  They work until, there is real crises and hospitalization becomes the only option.  Nothing is worth your blood even the work you so much cherish.  Pay attention to your health and rest when you are fatigued.  In this way, your body heals itself and disease will reverse.
Loss of Appetite:  When there is loss of appetite, there is absolutely no need to take a drug or supplement to restore appetite, you body is simply saying, it needs a break and wants to rest, go on fluid and have regular and moderate exercise and appetite will return.  I actually experienced this recently. and this lasted for more than a week.  But the appetite is definitely back.  Your digestive organ may be under an attack and needs a break in order to defeat the infection.  Let us understand these natural laws.  God himself rested on the seventh day,  sometimes our bodies need only a break.  The liver may be carrying excess fat and oil and wants to offload, there may be some toxins in there that must go out if wellness must return, but unless there is a break, they will remain and accumulate more resulting in what we call disease or sickness.
Insomnia:  Look for natural foods especially raw foods that will restore the internal balance causing loss of sleep.  We like cooked foods a lot myself inclusive.  The body may not have the capacity to release the required enzymes for these work at a particular point in time.  Lack of cooperation on our part will eventually result in what we call disease. 

Too Much Sleep:  This is also sometime caused by an imbalance, the body requires yet the proper nutrition to gain balance.  Whichever way, too much or too little sleep, are in my catalog of experiences.  Proper nutrition, understanding and cooperation with the natural laws will eventually settle the matter.
Headaches:  This is also another symptom which manifests in various ways.  No matter the point of the headache,  an understanding of what is going is essential.  Some foods are triggers while others alleviates it, foods like nuts, caffeine and heavy foods like cassava products can trigger the headaches.  There are brain foods like apples like  green apples which has been of help to me when I heard the experience.  The remedy still points to nutrition. It would wise to discontinue caffeine especially  which we enjoy through our teas, until we are okay.

Chills or Cold:  When cold or chills manifests as symptoms, then let us get closer to our kitchen, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and similar spices that have anti fungal properties.  Herbs and spices that will help restore adequate circulation like cayenne pepper, garlic and even green tea are there to the rescue.  we can make a lemon drink with a little honey, or ginger tea in the natural form not packaged, all these will work to reduce the cold and improve circulation. You body will definitely be thanking you as you do this.  Follow us for more

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