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Monday 14 September 2015


If  you are battling health issues like stomach ulcer or similar ailments and have been on various medications like anti acids.  Do not despair, such was the case of some of us.  No matter the cause or age of your ailment, one thing more obvious to me now than ever before is the fact that no disease is incurable.

It all started with insomnia and various symptoms that were all  tagged as malaria and typhoid.  I was hospitalized and prescription drugs given, which were all religiously taken,  without sufficient sleep for reasons unknown probably poor diagnosis.  I added supplement to help ease the discomfort, they all performed  below my expectation.


One Miraculous vegetable still hidden to many, which was particularly helpful in the journey out of ulcer was cabbage and carrot juice, particularly cabbage juice for just few days and then subsequent steaming of this  cruciferous  vegetable which I learnt has some goitre inducing substance if consumed in too large amount is worthy of note.
"Miraculous Cabbage" as I call it is still a secret food for weight loss  still awaiting the discovery of many.
It is a fat burner that has no equal,  this is my finding and discovery while using cabbage.  Also raw cabbage in too large amount is also offensive,  Steaming is better.


One thing that helped me  in the battle to overcome the problem was elimination of most foods that I enjoyed eating in other to regain my health.   Foods I eliminated urgently for 6 months includes:

1.  Bread, all biscuits, noddles, all pasteries and wheat product
2.  All Bottled drinks, tables salts, all packed foods
3. Observe Water Therapy and ensure proper hydration daily
4.  Eliminate all forms of teas, sugar especially simple sugars,
5. All forms of bouillon cubes and dried fish 

The environment of our body determines to a great extent whether the disease will survive or not, an alkaline system must be maintained at all times.   In achieving this, you must begin consuming alkaline foods so as to alkaline your system and create an unfavorable environment for disease in your body.  This helped me as well, in addition to  switching to alkaline foods. 

Your own health challenge is not hopeless,  my own body healed itself naturally, yours will heal also provided you supply the right building material for reconstruction and regeneration.

A  Note of Caution

It is important to share with us one important lesson I learned from my Ulcer story is that too many drugs and supplements were offensive to me and I believe would offensive to most people with similar conditions too. 

Check my next post for other things I did nutritionally to overcome this health challenge.

Welcome to our world of Wellness to the glory of God .