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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Weight Loss, Weight Loss, What About Weight Gain?

Me Thinks, there is some sort of obsession about weight loss. So much talks, recipes, ideas and awareness on loosing weight, It is indeed a topic of interest probably due to the health risks arising from excess body weight.   In as much as we have more individuals clamoring for weight loss, there was a time I actually needed to added  a little extra weight and it was just hard to find  topics on the subject. It seems also that majority readers have their interest on weight loss. You know what, I found no recipe, experimented on no supplement,  However,  today,  I have gained all the weight,  and do actually have a need for weight loss.

Here are My Findings on Weight Gain

1.  Weight gain is as easy as Weight Loss:   It is easy to gain weight if , there is an internal balance in your soul, spirit and body.  If  your spirit is troubled, there is the likelihood of loosing weight no matter your diet.  It is therefore a fact I have discovered and accepted.  It is as critical as your diet too.  At a point in time when I was troubled internally,  No diet worked for me in terms of weight gain.  It is a mystery No wonder the bible says "A Merry heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine;  But a Broken Spirit Drieth The Bones" Proverbs 17:22

2.  Weight Gain is as Fast as Weight Loss:  Weight Gain comes on and very fast too when the above three aspects of our being are in perfect harmony.   This is a fact we must embrace when it  comes to gaining weight and I personally found out that the wardrobes would soon need to be changed again as soon as weight gain  begins.  Just relax, eat normally with a contented mental attitude and watch your weight gain come as fast as weight loss too.

3.  A Need for Weight Gain is Even  More Dangerous

Truly Speaking, if you are on the fat side and always looking forward to a time when  you will loose all the weight,  We were in it together, but you will never value your flesh (body fat) until you loose it.  I remember looking at fat people with admiration and envy when I needed to regain weight..  Do not be too desperate to loose weight.  It has cost some individual their lives.  Trying various weight loss methods conventional and unconventional.  It was at those times I found out that the first seat you have is you buttocks,  without flesh, sitting on a hard bench is a problem, because of pains that accompany the experience.  A need for weight gain should not be pursued with desperation.

4.  Weight gain sometimes is Your Body's Way of Saying  THANK YOU

When Weight gain is coming as a result of certain life fulfulments and desires or expectations met.  It should be allowed to flow naturally and only controlled through monitoring the diet and including more exercise.  So I discovered that when my expectations were met, weight gain began to come, and you know what, appetite comes on too.

5.  Weight Gain Sometimes is Your Body's Way of  Saying "I AM SICK" 

Have you noticed at times that just at about the time when people are commenting on a ruddy body and complexion, at a time when friends are saying,  friend you are gaining weight, suddenly something happens and a sick body finally speaks out and you run to your doctor.   Attention needs to  be given at times like this.  Inflammations also arise as a  result of excess weight., and these are sometimes mistaken for fat or a healthy body.  Let us therefore watch and listen when the weight gain is saying 'I AM SICK'  It may be time to withdraw from all synthetic food substances, preservatives, excess carbohydrates, simple sugars, and foods that will add more load to the body fast.

6.  A Slim body May Not fit Your Original Frame

Not everybody got the gift for a large frame like me.  If you are fashioned for a large frame,  If you are slim, like I was, its only a matter of time and better conditions, and you add up again, so do not throw those cloths away, you may still use them.  

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