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Saturday 12 September 2015

4 Reasons to Try a New Kind of Real Food

Do you just rotate familiar foods and never desire to try a completely new kind of food?  If your answer is yes, you are definitely not alone.  Most people myself inclusive are used to conventional foods, they have no appetite for unfamiliar foods, spices, fruits or whatever.  Unfortunately, I have come to realize that our bodies seems not to agree with us in this.    Our bodies are always yearning for variety, of course variety they say is the spice of life,  I have also come to realize that eaten only foods known to us are sometimes boring to our system.  Here are 4 reasons to give a completely  new kind of natural  food a try.

1.  Capture All The Nutrients:   You will agree with me that no two kind of foods are exactly the same in terms of nutrients and health benefits.  Incorporating more foods into your diet will help your body get more of these nutrients.  We are encouraged to consume nuts but coconut and peanuts are definitely not the same.  Peanut is obviously highly in  protein content.  Yet Coconut has its own areas of special interest too.

2.  Reduce Yeast Infection:  Even the Supper foods when consumed frequently tend to bore the system  and might give rise to yeast infestation and other unpleasant effects.

3.  May Help with Longevity:  Research on  some elderly folks reveals through their response, revealed  that one of the secrets of their longevity is incorporating new foods into their diet whenever they have the opportunity.

4.  Relieves your system of boredom in digesting only some known foods.

Even your body will thank you for it.  And always remember to start with very small quantity.

Last week I tried ground cinnamon and honey in warm water, and in fact it worked great for cold and several  other health benefits.  Try something new this week and do not forget to share with us your experience.


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