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Saturday 31 October 2015

15 Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy food with numerous health benefits yet hidden to many.  It is easy to form opinions about certain foods without doing some search or research to find things out yourself.  Yogurt is one food that is neglected by many homes yet a great tasting immune boosting food for the entire family.  The problem however is on getting yogurt with less flavors, coloring, less sugar but with lactic cultures.  If you are in the food industry, you will be doing this generation a favor by producing yogurts with less flavorings, coloring and sugar.  This version will enable consumers and health conscious individual reap the health benefits of yogurts as stated below:

  Here 15 Reasons you should include yogurt in your regular diets:

If you are battling insomnia i.e inability to sleep and not having refreshing sleep at night, then its time to try yogurt, After a lighter dinner of your choice, just before retiring to bed.  Go for a plain yogurt with low sugar and lactic culture, a small glass cup, or the regular tea cup,  will do the job.  Shake the yogurt of your choice and fill the small cup with it and drink, no need to top with water, just go to bed and you will sleep calmly as never before.  I have personally tried this on myself and some of my clients,  It works

2. Supplies Essential Nutrients:  When you think of a low calorie food with lots of vitamins and minerals, then begin to think of yogurt.  It is rich in important nutrients and  minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and protein.  It is a nutrient dense food which is particularly beneficial to the elderly whose stomach acids are reducing by and by. Yogurt will supply all the nutrients for a healthy body without stressing the digestive track.

3. Boosts the Immune System:  When recovering from illness, yogurt is good for the patient, it is easily digestible and will provide need probiotics to support the good bacteria in the gut.  By this function, yogurt is providing more soldiers internally to defend you. 
 4. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection:  Urinary tract infection is becoming more common especially among teenage girls,  this of course is not unconnected with the choice of biscuits, sweets, noodles, breads, cakes and other white foods that weekend the digestive tract giving rise to overgrowth of yeast, which some refer to as candida.  If you are troubled with urinary tract infection or yeast infection, better go for plain yogurt, to get some relief.

5. Relief for indigestion and diarrhea :  Yogurt is particularly beneficial in helping your body utilize other nutrients.  It is surprising to observe that in times of weak intestinal function and coldness in the gut, a glass of yogurt will bring some relief.  When diarrhea gets out of control, what  the gut may be telling us is simply that it is being defeated by the bad guys (Bad bacteria),  a glass of plain yogurt will restore some balance and you will experience relief.  In terms of diarrhea, it is usually difficult finding what to eat without irritating the digestive tract.  Go for plain yogurt, it will do the trick

6. Good for Ulcers:  If you are an ulcer patient, irrespective of the type of ulcer, peptic, stomach or whatever,  a glass of yogurt is definitely a better healing food for you than, normal milk.  Yogurt will provide the protein buffers and other nutrients like calcium necessary for the healing of ulcer to take effect.

7.  Kills Belly Fat : Plain yogurt surprisingly, is one food that flattens your tummy without you having to do rigorous walkout.  How it does this may not be entirely clearly, possibly do to high calcium, one thing is however certain, a trial will convince you.  Especially if taken last thing at night.

9.  Reduces Bad Cholesterol:  In times of high cholesterol, we are advised to  avoid  much dairy products like milk, meat etc. and go for plant based protein,  however a diet without the animal protein may not be best for us especially as they may not contain complete amino acids, yogurt is one food that can be safely taken in moderation to help reduce bad cholesterol and still nourish our body.

10.  Beneficial for High Blood Pressure:  It is almost always difficult to get something delicious and nutritious for patients of high blood pressure without minding the blood pressure.  Whether you have high blood pressure already or aiming to prevent it .  Yogurt is a food that will benefit your health.  It is also high in potassium a nutrient very essential in helping regulate blood pressure.  It is also low in sodium.  These are critical factors when regulating blood pressure.

11.Great for Jaundice and hepatitis:  Hepatitis is a liver disease sometimes difficult to manage when it comes to nutrition because of the sensitive nature of the liver.  In cases of Jaundice and hepatitis, yogurt is highly beneficial more so, it is easily digestible.

12.  Improves mental capacity:  As we age, one area attention is usually given is the memory, it is necessary to include foods that will nourish the elderly and also boost the brain function and memory.  Yogurt is a healthy food for the adults and even the elderly,  It is a food for all ages, both children, youth, adult and the aged.  This means it must form part of the food in our stores always.

13.  Helps Keep Cold Away:  Coldness is a common complain among people who will always rush for drugs to keep cold away,  Using drugs to keep cold away is a very unwise thing to do, especially when you consider that you are only masking the cause.  Yogurt is a natural way to boost your immune system and keep coldness under control.  Some are actually caused by yeast infection or lack of oxygen at the cellular level or consuming too much carbohydrates.

14. Prevents Osteoporosis:  Osteoporosis which is common among the middle aged women is a cause of concern as women begins to approach 40s and 50s.  This is the time to begin to include this nutritious food in your regular diet.  When preventive measures is not taken to prevent or reduce this wearing away or sometimes sudden cracking of the bones, the bones once affected, may require hospital visit for management.  Prevention is still better than cure. Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein to strengthen bones and muscles

15.  Great For heart ailments :  Good news for persons who complains regularly of heart problems,  Yogurt is healthy for your heart and does not increase cholesterol like regular milk does.  In so doing, it is a heart friendly option to consider.


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