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Friday 16 October 2015

Health and Nutrition Quotes

I strongly agree with Deepak Chopra, for that has always been my honest opinion about disease. An imbalance, and the body trying to establish equilibrium. After much effort without success, then disease manifests, He highlighted the nature of some of these imbalances in this quote.

“To live without love, compassion, or any other spiritual value creates a state of such severe imbalance that every cell yearns to correct it. Ultimately, that is what lies behind the onset of disease; the body is sending a message that something is lacking in the present—an imbalance existing somewhere—has given rise to highly visible, unarguable, physical symptoms” ~Deepak Chopra
I think there is something here for us

I also agree with Michelle Obama in this memorable quote about nutrition. Looking forward when our emphasis on food would be on quality and not quantity especially with respect to the children.



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