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Wednesday 21 October 2015

I Got Rid of My Belly fat. See what I did

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Some of us believe that belly fat is hereditary, I disagree. In case you are thinking your belly fat cannot be remedied probably because it has been with you for too long, I disagree with you as well. I actually had belly fat which affected my entire shape, this of course is an old story now. I eventually got rid of it. See the foods I ate for 6 months.

1. Cabbage juice
2. Carrot juice
3. Olive oil for my cooking
4. Eliminated all simple carbohydrates
5. Eliminated all processed foods
6. No gluten
7. No Transfat
8. No Processed foods
9. More protein from plant source
10. Water Therapy every morning.
11. Extra Virgin coconut oil
12. Green Vegetables
13. Garlic
14. Ginger
15. Cayenne pepper
16. Bell peppers
17. White fish
18. Sardines
19. Apples
20.  Low fat milk
It worked for me, It has been working for orders, and will work for you too.
You will also observe that, these are all alkalizing foods.


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