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Thursday 29 October 2015

See My Latest Two Ingredients for Warding of Disease


As we add days and months to our age, we soon discover that some of our favorites are no more fitting into our lives, then comes the time for you to begin a search for what else, to add to your regular diet in order to keep your immune system strong and pay less visits to the hospital.

One  recent challenge as you enter your 40s and 50s is in managing your sugar consumption,  but of course you cannot totally eliminate sugar.  This is where Honey and Cinnamon comes in. 

1.  Honey:  Honey is a known food and medicine for almost all ailments.  Honey was the original antibiotics for infections including wound healing until the advent of pharmaceutical antibiotics.  I have discovered the combination of honey and cinnamon as a drink to be a great tasting and healing recipe for almost all the things that contribute to ill health ranging from constipation, to yeast infection, heart problems, obesity, poor circulation, cold, malaria symptoms or fever, insomnia, inflammations and pains, sluggishness and name it.
Before now garlic and ginger were top on my list of spices, but it has changed lately, Cinnamon is now my no one both for regulating blood sugar for the elderly and even the younger ones, above all you will discover a glowing skin each morning after cooking with cinnamon powder the previous night. Why not help protect you and your family from type 2 diabetes by including cinnamon powder in your meals.  i.e adding it to your cooking.


Here are my findings for including this great spice in my cookings.

1. After including cinnamon in my white rice which I lately started avoiding due to its effect on my blood sugar each morning.  Myself and my aged mother noticed that the addition of just a teaspoon of cinnamon in a pot of rice keeps the blood sugar from rising the next morning.   The blood sugar monitor reading each morning is amazing.  This was repeated thrice and the same drop in blood sugar was the result.  It is now clear by this that it a powerful spice in controlling blood sugar.

2. Heart issues, arising from eating fried foods or cholesterol

3. Cinnamon in warm  water has been great and surprisingly it also raises energy level and the energy usually last.

4.  No more Colds at Night or Midnight -  Thanks to the amazing  work of cinnamon

5.  Constipation is controlled and other digestive issues

6.  Acne is controlled

7.  Radiant skin is noticed

8.  Malaria symptoms  is reduced

9.  My meals tastes better

It is my latest spice for keeping self and family strong.


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