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Friday 23 October 2015

Unbelievable! Could this have been Caused By Gluten Sensitivity or Wheat Allergy?

Yes, wheat is one food, many resort to especially as they age, not because its so delicious or appetizing but probably because it is seen or thought to be the next substitute to white flour. Interestingly, we are already aware of its numerous health benefits. Surprisingly, however, research, encounters and experiences are confirming more and more that we must thread cautiously when it comes to wheat consumption.


Wheat contains gluten, a kind of protein that is not easily digestible, a kind of protein that stays longer in the digestive track before its elimination, a protein not usable by our bodies. It is this singular attribute in wheat that calls for caution in our consumption of wheat.


The grandma of Miss Janet, a Nigerian living in Lagos was joyfully recuperating from Diabetic foot Ulcer which almost ended in amputation. She was however staying with one of her children, a female who is health conscious and knew the dangers of excess gluten in the body. She therefore used wheat product sparingly and occasionally for mama. After some time, mama decided it was time to stay with another of her daughters in another area of  Lagos. While staying with the second daughter, who knew little about nutrition, mama's food was basically wheat which was prepared for her to swallow as well with her favorite soup. Mama enjoyed herself for about three months. Upon her return to  her elder daughter's place after three months of being fed with wheat. It was shocking what her skin especially her legs and hands looked like. 


Upon Mama's examination of her own skin, she was dumbfounded, where will she go from here, Mama confessed she was tired of drugs," what is the cause of this again"?  Mama expressed in displeasure, Her daughter expressed concern that this could be wheat activity on her hitherto glowing skin. She however, reserved her concerns and continued her diet for mama of occasional slice of wheat bread but no more as swallow which according to her makes the quantity consumed much at a time, she also avoided artificial sweeteners and taste enhancers, avoided table and refined salt, no canned tomatoes and other health tips observance. Mama is 72 years already and resigned to faith. But Here is the good news, The body, I mean our bodies can heal itself and reverse any condition as long as you stop feeding the disease and start bringing in the right building materials.

Three Months After, all the ugly scales on mama's legs and skin had surprisingly disappeared, to were, the body had healed, and the skin restored completely without drugs.  The big question is "COULD THIS SUDDEN UGLY CHANGE ON HER SKIN BEEN CAUSED BY HER WHEAT CONSUMPTION"? 


"Our body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe" as observed in the above popular quote.  It  has the ability to heal, as long as we stop feeding the disease, and this applies to most ailments  and degenerating diseases today.  The problem is how do we identify the  food  of  a particular disease.  Sugar and simple carbs, lack of exercise, inadequate protein intake feeds diabetes.  In most cases as soon as you correct  the anomaly like in the case of grandma,  you will  likely witness a reversal of the disease.

Insufficient protein intake, no meal at all in most cases, too much processed foods, stress and too much hot spices will naturally feed an ulcer, withdraw the food of the disease, and you will witness your ulcer being healed even without medication.

What is your ailment or condition?  There is hope for you, if only you can identify the food of that disease and withdraw it.  You are assured of a testimony like grandma.



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