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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Are You Still Afraid of Coconut Oil?

Its surprising that despite numerous research and findings on coconut and its health benefits, many are still afraid to use it due to its saturated fat content. More research are confirming that the fat in coconut oil is not bad but healthy, we now know that the absence of these good fats contributes greatly to many things we call disease today, without these fats your cells are unprotected especially from free radical activity. Without these fats you cannot be free from intestinal parasites, bowel diseases like stomach ulcer may not depart from you, without these fats your blood sugar cannot be stable, without these fats some nutrients you take in cannot be utilized, without these nutrients in coconut oil, you metabolism and thyroid will not be at their best, Why not have a rethink and make conscious effort to incorporate it gradually into your diet and that of your family. You will definitely pay less visits to the hospital. Follow the link below to see more reasons why you should bring this oil into your home.


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