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Sunday 27 December 2015

Mind You, Consuming Protein and Carbohydrates together May Interfere With Your Digestion

Truly, the more you live, the more you learn.  Did you know that Protein and Carbohydrates may not be as stomach friendly as we were told especially starchy and root vegetables.  If you do have digestive issues or desire to avoid constipation and other gut problems, then you must try finding this out yourself just as I did.  May of us like beans and yam or beans and plantain  whether roasted or fried.  Others prefer beans and rice or beans and corn.  Yes beans and other legumes tend to go well with grains like rice.  Yet as you age and start getting more sensitive about what you consume you will agree that beans and plantain or beans and yam or beans and potatoe as some would recommend are not the best combination. Image result for Protein with starch in digestion images


One truly requires a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to perform optimally, however the way and manner these foods are consumed affects to a great extent their metabolism and absorption.  I personally found out this myself when trying to combine sweet potatoes with another legumes.  It actually affects the digestive system and sometimes constipates the individual.


It is better to consume  protein alone, this means that only the enzyme required for protein digestion would be released, the body needless stress itself trying to release various enzymes at ones.   So as you celebrate the season try consuming protein alone and carbs probably 2 hours later for better digestive function. Combining sweet potatoes with beans or beans with yam does not help digestion and  if you are already having issues with your digestion could make matters worse for you.


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