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Saturday 30 January 2016

Health Truly is the Greatest of all Wealth

You will never value what You have until You loose it.   Shining health throughout the year is actually in God's plan for You,  however,  We believe that inadequate diet and poor nutrition,  coupled with  unhealthy lifestyle are the originators of what we call disease today.   Know the nutrients in whatever goes into your mouth.   Choosing real natural foods more  often than highly processed foods, regular exercise with trust and faith in God will put you on the path of  wellness.   A lifestyle whereby you depend less on drugs in other to stay healthy.  We have tested this lifestyle and found it to be attainable.   This is the message of Grace Ngo Foundation.   We therefore invite you to join or support us in this noble mission.   in educating the public on the health benefits of natural foods around us,  and whenever possible,  make the  natural foods available.  Partner with  and support  us in this mission.  knowledge  is power.  " Ye shall Know the truth and the truth shall set you free".   You can support us throughout finance, educational materials,  your time and talent,  information and whenever possible natural foods to deliver to the poor and you will be glad you did. Health Truly is the Greatest of all Wealth.


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