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Friday 19 February 2016

Are You Over 50yrs? Then Incorporate these foods into your Diet


Consuming whatever appeals to our eyes is one eating habit common to most individual during the earlier and youthful years, however as we age and approach 50 in particular, the body begins to force us to make some dietary changes if you must age gracefully,   Some of us in our earlier years, bread, biscuits and pastries, were on the top of our favorites.  However, the story has changed.  The same is applicable to most of you.  If you are in perfect health at fifty, without regular appointments regarding your health condition, then a big congratulations.  If you think, this is impossible, then you are still not in agreement that food can actually be your medicine.  Here are a list of common everyday foods to include in your diet if you are in your fifties and wants to age graciously.  Whether you are in the masculine or feminine gender, the list is applicable to you

1.  Green Vegetables:  These are a class of foods not usually enjoyed by children due to their high fibre, but are the favorite of the aged.  They are loaded with active nutrients that work fast to rebuild aging and degenerating cells.  They help the liver detox heavy metals, enrich your blood with iron, feed healthy cells and starve cancerous ones.

2.  Black-eyed cowpea or Other beans:  The black eyed cowpea is actually my favourite, it is easily digestible especially when soaked  before cooking.  It is helpful in regulating blood sugar.  It gives energy that lasts and helps provide the protein needed to repair damaged tissues.

3.  Ginger:  If you are not a friend of spices, but are now in your  50s then reconsider you position.  it is an anti cancer, anti inflammatory, antifungal food that helps ward off cold and other immune suppressors. Ginger could be added to your regular dishes like soups, stews or even taken as tea.

4.  Garlic:  Garlic is also a disease fighting food that must make your list.  It enhances the general taste of your meal like most bouillon cubes .  It has anti inflammatory, anti fungal  properties too.  It is no longer news that garlic is a powerful antibiotic that has successfully treated infections that resisted  drugs.  It could be applied topical in terms of injuries, ear pain, sore throat, common cold, bacterial infections and infestation in the stomach,  the list can continue.

5.  Apples:  This fruit contain vitamin C and some acids that aids in reducing or killing off yeast.  It is fortunately low in glycemic index, making it one of the fruit to be enjoyed occasionally as we age.

6.  Green Tea:  If you are not a fan of teas, especially green tea, then consider changing your mind.  Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that help ward off disease and put your body in a fat burning position, since our body tends to store more fat easily during these later years.  It is one tea I consume daily and would gladly celebrate with tea lovers and invite the mature adult in his or her 50s to join.

7.Oats:  When you are over 50 yrs, it is time to be conscious of cholesterol, food digestibility, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and other degenerating diseases.  This is were foods like oat comes in.  If you are not a lover of oats, it is time to have a rethink.  Oats are popular for their cholesterol lowering and heart friendly benefits. It can be taken in the morning, or at night, for dinner.  It is a source of protein, and soluble  fibre beneficial for heart health.

8.  Eggs:   This may sound surprising.  It is however, one food that has received a lot of negative comments due to its high content of cholesterol.  However, as we age, so many unhealthy foods must be dropped to give room for health and organic ones like egg.  It is true that the yolk in egg is high in cholesterol, it is also high in vitamin A, D, E and other nutrients  necessary for maintaining a healthy body.  It is now obvious that the cholesterol in egg is not responsible for most cases of high cholesterol.

9.  Hibiscus Flower Tea (Zobo)  This is heart friendly drink naturally caffeine free.  It is beneficial in supplying needed nutrients to the body without adding fats, sugar and oil.  Hibiscus flower tea is beneficial keeping the blood pressure naturally under control.  It could be chilled and flavored naturally with ginger or pineapple for  juice,  chilled and served for the entire family.

10.  Onions.  It is advisable to include more natural taste enhancers like fresh onions into your regular diet.  Onions contains iron, and is an anti fungal food to help keep yeast under control.  It one of the yeast fighting foods.  If yeast is left unchecked or uncontrolled through proper diet, it is capable of suppressing the immune system and make one feel sick.

11.  Lemons and Limes:  These are natural sources of vitamin C and helpful in raising the antioxidant level in the body.  It is best enjoyed first thing in the morning in warm water.

12. Peppers:  Peppers especially cayenne peppers are especially high in antioxidant and has anti inflammatory properties.  They are helpful in producing digestive enzymes which makes them great for all cases of the poor digestion.   Most peppers are alkaline and increases metabolism which is one of the main problems of  the elderly.  Thy aid circulation especially cayenne pepper.  Including them in your diet in theses later years of your life will help reduce frequent infections and other digestive problems which are common in those years.  It is easy to include them in your diet especially soups and stews.

The list of foods to be enjoyed by the mature adult whether male or female will continue in our next post.


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