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Tuesday 23 February 2016

Are You Over 50yrs? Then Incorporate these foods into your diet (part 2)

We continue in our list of healthy foods to add into your list as you approach  your golden years.

13.Nuts:  Good enough we are blessed with various kinds of nuts in our region i.e Africa.  As we advance to those golden years, try incorporating some handful of nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, cashew nut and other healthy nuts. They are mostly loaded with healthy fats to keep the issue of cholesterol in check.  Nuts like peanut are particularly rich in protein, iron and zinc.  They are also  natural source of magnesium.  These are important nutrients for maintaining a healthy heart.   Ensure to cook your nuts most of the times,  fried peanuts are sometimes loaded with extra table salt which are not healthy during these delicate years.

14 .  Sweet Potatoes:  It is almost practically impossible to find a starchy food that could be recommended, yet we need these starchy foods in small amounts especially the complex carbohydrates.  Sweet potatoes are sweet, yet when you examine the nutrient load in this supper food, you will agree that it is desirable during the golden years.  Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins A, Fibres, Iron,, zinc, B vitamins and highly anti inflammatory, it is suitable in managing diabetes, arthritis and other painful conditions if taken in the right quantity.  Since it is a starchy food, it is best taken sparingly and definitely not an everyday food.  It is a source of Potassium, an important nutrient required in maintaining the blood pressure.  It is surprising when I hear  some unhealthy adults say, they cannot or that they have not consumed sweet potatoes for a long time because it is sweet and starchy.  This they say in ignorance, a woman with elevated blood pressure was being counseled and she was surprised to hear that sweet potatoes in small amount is good for her.

15 .  Fish:  Getting sufficient protein into the diet is a major challenge during the golden years, nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, are necessary during these years, when inflammations will seize any opportunity to afflict the individual, occasional sardines without the added oil, or those in olive oil are okay. other fatty fish like salmon are necessary also.  These are rich in nutrients for brain health and for reducing inflammations/

16.  Crayfish:  This is another source of light protein with natural iodine, zinc and other immune boosting nutrients.  You will however not consume excess of it due to the natural  high sodium content.

17.  Yogurt:  Most of us are concerned about milk, yes, milk is a source of calcium  which is needed during the golden years, however a slight adjustment towards the more healthy yoghurt, especially the ones with life cultures, not the highly flavoured varieties are better addition to the diet.  Well prepared yoghurt is a source of potassium, which is naturally low in sodium and containing potassium which required in regulating the blood pressure.  Go for occasional yoghurt,  instead of your regular milk.  It is better if you can make the yogurt yourself, in so doing, you avoid all the added artificial flavours and coloring that comes with the commercial yogurts.

18.  Olive Oil:  During these golden years, you must give attention to the type of oil you consume, It may sound surprising, but truly speaking many commercial well packaged oils tagged, "Cholesterol free"  "Heart Friendly" are actually not as friendly as they appear.  It will do you a lot of good to discontinue their usage and stay with good red palm oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic peanut oil and coconut oil.  The choice is yours
Never mind the beautiful commercials.

19.  Dark Unsweetened Chocolate:  This is a healthy addition during the golden years. They are beneficial in supplying important and needed nutrients, like proteins, zinc and other antioxidants needed to ward off disease.  It is also an anti inflammatory food.

We must not forget to include that regular exercise is a must especially walking outdoors during these years.  Sedentary jobs should be avoided or checked during these years, for prevention is definitely better than cure


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