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Monday 1 May 2017


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      1.  Easily  Digestible

When you consider the benefits of regular consumption of foods that are easily digestible, you will agree that cassava flour places no stress on the gut.  Why, obviously, due to the absence of fats and oils.  Ijebu Garri as it is popularly called delivers quality energy without unnecessary strain on the gut.  I believe , this is a plus for Ijebu garri.
    2. Gluten-Free:  Before now many are not aware of the dangers of gluten rich grains like wheat on the gut, so many opt  for wheat when  a low fat diet is recommended especially for diabetics.  According to Wikipedia, Gluten  is a composite of storage proteins termed prolacmins  and glutelins found in wheat and related grains (Wikipedia)
Wheat is a prime source of gluten.  Gluten-related disorders is the  umbrella term for all diseases triggered by gluten which include celiac disease, wheat allergy, gluten ataxia and dermatitis.  The good news about cassava flour (garri) is that iti is among the few starchy foods that are completely free of gluten.
3.  Non-gas producing:  If you suffer gastritis or looking for food that will not produce gas in your gut.  Then, you will have to include or incorporate Ijebu garri into your diet.  Most times that people suffer gas,  they quickly go for medication without first considering what kind of food they consume that could have been responsible.  If the stomach is made to constantly produce gas, then we must check our nutrition and diet including life-style for this is definitely not healthy for the gut.

4. Heals the Gut:  Many a time, we sustain injuries in the stomach due to either stress or wrong food combinations or even poor diet.  At such times, the stomach needs some break to allow it heal, however in observing the break, we still need a little energy to keep the body moving until the stomach heals. 
Fermented garri  (Ijebu garri) is highly valuable at such a time.  Many are confused on what to eat at such times due to ignorance, some resort to bread, biscuits unknown to them, they are adding salt to the injuries because these foods are highly acidic, and cannot help the gut heal.

5. Good Remedy for Diarrhea:  If you suddenly notice that your stomach is out of control and you have had  to pass stool more frequently, pls take time to rest and just start chewing on Ijebu garri in very small amount and within 24 hrs you will notice calmness in your gut, I 
have personally experienced and tasted this aspect, using fermented garri from my garden and believe it, it worked for me.  However, if your symptom persists,  you will definitely need a competent physician to examine you.  It is  naturally home Remedy to control diarrhea.

 6. Helps the body produce Acetycholine:  According to Oh-Lardy .com.  Fermentation helps  the  body produce Acetycholine, this is a neurotransmitter of nerve impulse, within the context of digestion, it helps increase the movement of the bowel and can help reduce constipation.  It also helps improve the release of digestive juices and enzymes from the stomach, the pancreas and the gallbladder.  By helping your body produce acetylcholine, fermented foods act as potent digestive aids.

7.   Good For Diabetics.  Fermented garri could be mixed with a dried soya to improve the protein quality for diabetics or consumed with protein rich soup to make it balanced.  I have personally observed that if you wake up at night and must take something to calm your stomach from hunger, a tablespoon of garri with a little honey in cold water settles the hunger pang and puts you back to sleep without stress or gas until dawn.

8. A source of probiotics:  All fermented foods must have gone through one form of bacteria activity or the other. The fermentation adds more nutrients in the form of beneficial bacteria.  Fermented cassava flour is not an exception.

9.  A natural energy source with no fat and oil:  If cassava flour is processed without the addition of red palm oil to give you the yellow garri version, you will actually get a high fibre energy food without fat and oil.  When the immune system is suppressed, the body finds it difficult to deal with fats especially the  unhealthy fats, this low fat natural flour is a food to seek after at such a time.  What many call yellow garri is actually produced by the addition of red palm oil to the grated cassava either before frying or before the fermentation.  Few drops of oil are added. Several persons have asked me why I prefer the white version of this flour. and my response is simple, "I am mindful of calorie"  So if you are aiming to cut calorie, definitely the yellow garri is not the best option.  For persons over 45yrs, definitely calorie should count.  More active people will definitely prefer the yellow garri.

I however maintain  that since you have the red oil in your soup, what then is the use of adding oil again to the garri to increase the calorie.  Red palm oil is a source of palmitic acid and other fats which may not be friendly with our arteries.

10. Fermentation increases the Nutrients quality:

Definitely, this is one of the known benefits of fermentation and this root vegetable is not an exception.  Knowing that garri is not a high protein food, it is best however to ensure the addition of other proteins in other to improve its protein content.


The main challenge today in having access to fermented cassava flour is poor awareness.  People need education on the benefits of fermentation.  Also ensure to get well fermented cassava flour from a trusted source.  So many are eager to make sales and get money and may not be patient to allow fermentation  as this may delay production.  Poor processing also leaves stones, particles and other unwanted pebbles in the flour which are not desirable.

Moderation should however be the key, too much consumption of this flour without protein to balance it may suppress the immune system.



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  2. Wow.. . So much benefits in Garri Ijebu. I sell Garri and was looking for more information about my product and.....ta-da.. , I found your page. Thanks