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Saturday 3 June 2017

Natural Foods that Heal Stomach ulcers

Heal Your Stomach Ulcers Naturally

Stomach ulcers  sounds frightening?  Yes, because many are confused about its origin, cure and management.  Some years ago, we were advised to take plenty of milk, in order to alleviate  the pain of stomach ulcers and were told by ignorant men and women that milk will take care of the ulcer.  But now we know better.  Though milk may provide symptomatic relief at the onset of the pain or discomfort.  If you think you have a painful or disturbing feeling in your stomach and ulcer is either suspected or  confirmed.  Then there are foods that you must immediately take out of your list.  Such as caffeine, alcohol, hot and spicy foods.

It is best to avoid all carbonated beverages,  and embrace foods that will give you true and lasting healing.  For the avoidance of doubt here are some foods you should begin to consume:

1.  Cabbage and carrot juice
2.  Fresh vegetables
3.  Include cayenne peppers or Bell peppers in your cookings
4.  Boiled sweet potatoes in moderation
5.  Fresh coconut and coconut oil
6.  Beans especially black-eye cowpea
7.  Plenty of water especially in the morning (water therapy)
8.  Boiled egg (chicken egg)
9.  Include garlic in your cookings
10. Fermented foods like yoghurt, cassava flour,  millet, iru, ogiri etc
11.  Natural honey
12.  Ripe bananas
13.  Red palm oil for most of your cooking
The last but not the least.  Avoid extreme stress.


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