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Sunday 4 June 2017

Pain Killers Already in Your Kitchen

Pain is something that we go through at one time or the other, whether young or old, one thing is however certain, older people are more prone to pains either arthritis, rheumatic pains or pains arising from cold whichever.

It is important to know that some foods actually make your pains worse such as milk especially full cream, fried foods, high fat foods like butter and margarine, artificial sweeteners and taste enhancers like bouillon cubes, caffeine, starchy foods and some pharmaceutical drugs not meant for pain.  However, there are some natural foods that alleviates pain, unknown to you, some of the are already in your kitchen.   The common ones include:

1.  Fresh ginger
2.  Cayenne pepper
3.  Garlic
4.  Tumeric powder
5.  Cinnamon
6.  Moringa leaves
7.  Fresh pinneaple juice
8.  Noni tea
9.  Green vegetables
10  Mistletoe tea
11. Honey

These are common in most kitchen and many more that are lurking in your kitchen capable of killing those pains without your knowing.

Get closer to nature, natural foods are best for you.


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