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Sunday 18 June 2017

Five Reasons You Should try this Fruit


Have you observed this fruit in the market?  It is a seasonal fruit, usually available during the rainy season around June and July.  It is called mmimi in Igbo Language and pepper fruit is its popular name in English though I am yet to know its botanical name.  Have you wondered why it is available during this season. It will be interesting you have a taste of it,   Here are five reasons you should give this fruit a try:

1.   It is a Raw Food:   What do I mean by this? Research is showing day  by day that the more raw foods we consume the better for our body.  As we age, the release of gastric juice is reduced making it difficult to have 100% absorption from the foods we consume.  Raw foods have higher absorption rate in our bodies.  It is actually not about how much food we consume, but the amount of nutrients from the food that are utilized by our body.  It is one reason I decided to give it a try.

2.  It is a Low Calorie Food:  For those of us who are conscious of gaining weight, it will pay of to pick interest in low calorie foods, as their consumption are not likely to  lead to weight gain.

3.  It is a Seasonal Food:  As you are aware, seasonal foods are good for us.  They are meant to combat disease.  On tasting the fruit, I found it is very hot, and gives an anti inflammatory feeling and.  It is actually hot both in the mouth and inside the body.  It must be alkaline food that will be great in preventing cancer arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

4.  It is a Metabolism Boosting Food:  If you are feeling slugging and heavy due to cold weather.  Then you need fruits like mmimi to speed up your metabolism.  You will personally observe that the spicy nature of the fruit helps get your food digested fast, thereby avoiding fat building up due to slow metabolism.

5.  It Keeps cold away and Strengthen Immune:  Pepper fruit sends heat into the whole body and seem to increase circulation which is important in maintaining a strong immune system. 

Finally, it important to try adding or introducing new foods and fruits such as this.  body will say "Thank You" for  it.  Variety they say is the spice of life.  There must be a reason, it is sent our way during this season.  
Enjoy it.  It is an immune boosting food. 

It you suffer stomach  ulcer, particularly a fresh wound, it may be an irritant which may tend to irritate the wound,  Otherwise, enjoy this spicy fruit especially if you are in your fifties.  More research is definitely needed on this fruit to reveal most of its health benefits.


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