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Tuesday 29 May 2018

13 Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves Tea

Soursop also known as graviola is a fruit with origin in the forests of South America, East Asia and Africa.  It is an evergreen broad leaved tree whose every part is useful and has medicinal properties.  The fruit when ripened is milky white and sweet with a friendly aroma.  The roped fruit is known  for its medicinal properties especially  cancer fighting agents.   However, today more attention is being drawn to the leaves which more and more testimonies are coming out to confirm that it's a Food/medicinal powerhouse.

They are known to contain the Acetogenine and other nutrients  that can treat various cancers such as prostate,  lung,  and breast.

13 Notable health  Benefits of Soursop leaves are:

1. Anti Cancer Properties: 

An agent known as acetogenine found in soursop leaves seem to be responsible  for its popularity in combating cancerous cells.  Before now there was not much known about sourdsop fruit and leaves.

2.  Boost Circulation: 

Proper and adequate movement of blood in and out of the cells is very important for optimal  health especially  amongst the elderly.  Boiling about 4 to 5 leaves in about three medium cups of water for about 15 minutes on a gas cooker, that is when the rich colour of the leaves drains into the water giving a dark golden colour tea with a bland taste.   It is neither bitter nor sweet. Drink about three small glass shots up to 5 tablespoons if you weigh up to 60kg.  You should take more or less depending on your body weight  and health condition.

3. Good for Managing High Blood Pressure: 

Those who suffer high blood pressure  for various reasons will also benefit from a few tablespoons of the tea leaves in empty stomach first thing  in the morning.

4.  Deals With Constipation:

Constipation is the unusual delay in passing stool say 3 to 4 days or more.   It is usually painful to pass stool after several days of fruitless effort.   Soursop tea taken in empty stomach is a naturally caffeine - tea that is getting me excited in this regard.  It loosens stools that may have been stuck in for days.  Upon taken the tea,  few hours later,  you will notice can unusual easiness around your stomach  area assuring you that things are going to work when you get to the small room.   About 5 or 6 tablespoons works for me to achieve this result.  Depending on your body weight,  you may need less.

5.  Weight Loss:

Soursop tea also works to reduce  mass index,   especially as it resists constipation.  Overtime,  with consistency, say up to two weeks,  there will definitely  be a drop in the body weight.  Loosing weight is sometimes difficult, due to nutrients sustainabilty, but this tea settles this aspect as it nourishes you while burning  the unhealthy fat.

6.  Energy Boost:

If you start your day with a cup of soursop tea,  you will notice a sustained energy throughout the day which you will attribute to the tea you started your day with.  The presence of important minerals like calcium, iron and the absence of caffeine may be responsible  for this energy that last for the whole day.

7.  Anti tumour Effect:

Those with cases of fibroid, which is a kind of growth common amongst, before or after child bearing  age.  More and more people in this category are testifying of reduced growth in the fibroid and some of total shrinking of the tumour when consumed  over a certain period of time.

8.  Reduce Cholesterol: 

Bringing down total bad cholesterol  is usually an issue especially  with the elderly,  this tea is helpful in bringing a drop in total bad cholesterol if consumed over a certain period of time.

9. Source of Important Minerals like Iron and Calcium.

Getting enough iron is so important and critical in our overall wellness that if we found a tea with fats and oil like soursop tea. It is will be a wise decision to embrace such tea.   Personally,  I have found help and solution in this herbal tea as most blood tonics are inflammatory  and do not fit into my system. The fact that the tea is caffaine free makes it an interest to any health conscious person.   The presence of calcium makes the uptake of iron easy and not rendering it toxic and  inflammatory.

10.  Cardiovascular Support: 

There is no doubt that too much fats, oils and salt in our diet are doing us more harm than good.   The nutrients in this tea works to improve  our heart health and help clean up some unhealthy fats and cholesterol to leave us with a stronger heart.

11.  Joint Pain Relief:

The tea also works to reduce pain at the joints and strengthen the bones due to the presence of calcium.

12.  Diabetes Management: 

In managing diabetes,  it is important to ensure that nutrients get to the cells.   Due to age and other factors,  cells do not get sufficient nutrients in most diabetes,  if this need can be achieved, most symptoms and issues with diabetes may be reduced.   The tea delivers assimilable nutrients, not nutrient that cannot be accessed.   The elderly ones or diabetics can enjoy moderately to nourish the cells and reduce or avoid complications.

13.  Immune Booster

The tea benefits the entire immune system by reducing the activities of bacterials, fungi,  parasite and other agents that suppress  our immune system.

In summary, it is important to note that those with certain health condition  must consult with their doctor before consuming  soursop leaves tea.   Such people include those with low blood pressure,  people that are aiming to gain weight,   people on certain medication.  Otherwise enjoy your natural caffeine  free tea loaded with nutrients.  Moderation is important because too much of everything is bad.

Ref:  Health II. com
         Shaylah Yashiya -Dietary Laws



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