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Sunday 27 May 2018

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Have you ever wondered what your health, your internal ecosystem  will be like without spices?  It is better not imagined.  Spices play a lot of roles in ensuring that we stay healthy.  It is also important that we keep exploring on new spices.  They are a healthyway, for even the Holy Book spoke favourably about spices.   For instance,  in Exodus  30:  22 - 23 " Moreover the Lord spake unto Moses,  saying,  Take thou also into thee principal  spices,  of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, advocate sweet cinnamon  half so much,  even two hundred and fifty shekels and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty shekels."  In this quote we see cinnamon mentioned as sweet,  inspect of this, many are yet in the dark to the fact that cinnamon  actually brings out the natural taste of our meals.   So many other references made in favour of spices in the Holy book.

In this post, we are looking at five uncommon but healthy spices we should have in our kitchen and why?
We are beginning with Black Pepper


This pepper is not as common as cayenne  pepper and other hot peppers,  in rating the peppers, black pepper is a stronger pepper in terms of hotness.   Here are a few reasons why you should have black pepper besides all peppers:

1.   Aids digestion:  Digestive issues is common these days especially  with the acidic environment  we find ourselves in.   At such times when our system appears sluggish, when everywhere  appears cold,  chewing 4 to 5 pieces of black pepper after meals will get things  going.   Besides its better to add black pepper to other peppers if toddlers will not be involved in the meal because black pepper is quite hot for children.

2.    Eases Constipation
If you have problem  going to pooh for days,  why not try black pepper, it works for me, it helps loosen the bowel and ease bowel movement.

3.   Kills Bacteria:  The presence  of black pepper in our food reduces bacteria activity when we eat,  bacteria activity is increased when we eat because they are hungry too,  however the presence of certain ingredients like black pepper makes the food toxic for them,  thereby keeping them away from spoiling  or sharing the nutrients with us.   Black pepper  also destroys unfriendly yeast and candida  which may want to act on the food.

4.   Reduces Pain:  If you suffer pain or similar ailments, make it a habit to cook with black pepper as it has natural ingredients with the ability  to reduce pain.

5.  Clean Arteries:  As we age, the need to constantly  ensure that our arteries are clean cannot be overemphasised, several spices are beneficial in this regard and black pepper is one spice to rely  on for clean arteries, usually blocked by too much saturated  fats,  milk and dairy products like egg.  Include black pepper regular  to ensure clean arteries.

6.  Weight Loss:  Due to the fact that black pepper eases constipation  and helps with digestion.   It is helpful for those who want to loose weight in a smart way without rigorous dieting and exercise.

7.  Source of Important Minerals like calcium and Iron:  An interesting part of this spice which is quite attractive is the presence of iron, calcium and other beneficial  minerals despite its low calorie and medicinal advantage.   If you are looking for food sources of iron,  then think of black pepper. This is actually what makes black pepper particularly  attractive to me.

8.  Relieves Cough and Cold: 

During cold weather, it is necessary  to equip  your kitchen with hot peppers like black pepper to prevent infections arising from cold.   Get real black pepper, grind them yourself or pound and blend when needed,  occasionally chewing on black pepper  during boots of indigestion also works to bring relief.

9. Treat Toothache and decay

If you are a regular user of black pepper in your meals,  then cases of tooth ache and decay will be grossly  reduced as it possesses  natural  ingredients to prevent tooth decay and reduce ache  in case of toothache.

10.   Good For Respiratory Issues

Black pepper is helpful for those who suffer ashma,  and other respiratory problems as it reduces swellings and bacterial activity which increase discomfort.

11.  Anti Inflammatory Properties:

  It possess anti inflammatory properties which help reduce join pains and other inflammatory  diseases like arthritis.

In summary,  black pepper has many other benefits,  however it may not be safe to consume black pepper in empty stomach, or to add excess of it if fresh case of ulcer will share in the meal.   However regular and moderate use of black pepper may help prevent prevent incidence of stomach  ulcers.

Ref:  Rebelled Wellness. Com


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