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Tuesday 29 May 2018

Fresh Onions is Healthy But See The Ugly Side

Fresh Onion is Healthy But See The Ugly side

Yes so many health benefits ascribed to this healthy food onions,  onions for diabetes, onions for lungs, onions for cold,  yeast infection, irrectile dysfunction and many more,  but just like every good thing,  there are a few ugly sides of this wonderful kitchen culinary which must be told.   They include but not limited to the following:

1.  Onions is full of Sugar

Many are not aware that onions is packed  full of naturally occurring sugar.   Yes,  some may argue that it is natural and therefore of little or no effect.   If you are on a low sugar diet,  be care how you use onions, it makes your food sweet with its sugar.   Though this effect may not be noticed if you use it sparingly.

2.  Onions is hot on a fresh Ulcer:

If you are just recovering from an ulcerative  wound in the stomach, be care how close you go to fresh onions. 
Onions especially, half cooked when the potency is full is a sweeper and cleaner when it gets inside.   In this case. Those recovering from fresh stomach must beware of onions, it can activate the wound if almost healed.  

3.  Onions Produces Gas at Night:

This particular aspect of onions makes it unhealthy at night. So if you are preparing food for dinner. Beware of too much onions, they are best in the morning.   Onion rich foods like biscuits do also manifest the same effect.

4.  Not Good in case of Malaria:

If you suspect malaria parasite in your body and possibly in an area where you have no immediate access to a doctor or hospital,  avoid much onions until you are treated, garlic is better.  If you include more garlic, the parasite will be suppressed, but excess onions will irritate your intestinal walls and cause escalation  of your condition.

If we notice any other ugly side of this healthy food, you will be updated,  otherwise keep enjoying your fresh onions moderately.


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