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Tuesday 15 May 2018

All about staying healthy naturally part 2

All about Staying Healthy  Naturally  part 2

In continuation of our discussion on the above subject,  we present here part 2 of things you must do to achieve the goal of staying healthy naturally.

1.  The first is proper Hydration:  You must understand the role of water in the body and employ the taking of sufficient  water upon waking up in the morning,  this step will settle a lot of ailments, ranging from loss of appetite,  low energy,  catarrh,cough, fever,  constipation,  insomnia, low metabolic  syndrome, detoxing, clearing your key organs,  liver, kidney,  pancreas of  toxic overload,  oxygenate the cells etc, we call it Water Therapy.
Water Therapy  was popularized  by a Japanese  and since then many countries have employed it as a way of  keeping their population  healthy.  Educate our family  members  and children to imbibe this healthy habit.

2.  No Late Meals:  This is a top on this list of healthy habit that is capable of keeping you and your family hale and hearty all through the year.   It is not as if you cannot occasionally  deray in this aspect. But as much as possible,  ensure you have your last major meal of the day latest 7. 00pm to avoid health problems, such as high sugar,  blood pressure,  fever,  indigestion, insomnia etc.

3.  Choose Organic Foods:  Here we are actually  talking of natural foods that did not or underwent minimal processing.   We  also mean, reducing as much as possible canned,  or ready-to -eat foods like canned foods and drinks,  highly processed oils, fats butters,  margarines, we are talking of foods containing artificial  preservatives and colourings with flavourings.  They are unhealthy for you.

4.  Make Dietary Changes:  By this,  we mean you should not stay comfortable  with only familiar foods without variety or trying new recipes especially  natural foods. If dietary changes are not employed,  it could  lead to yeast infestation or cause yeast infection yeast  in the body could turn them to their food.   Variety they say is the spice of life.   It is easy and more comfortable to stay with only known foods, but the health conscious will go out of their way to try new foods and recipes all in a bid to staying healthy.  The older generation are more affected in this,   If you are used to more solids, then try including more fluids and occasional juicing at home.   Do not rely on ready-to-drink sugar Laden juice  from supermarkets.

5.  Employ Herbs and Spices:  Many are not away of the healing powers  hidden  in these  tiny low calorie  foods that we refer to as herbs or spices,  they include  peppers, ginger, garlic, cloves,  Cinnamon, coriander,  fennel,  cumin, etc.  Most of them are actually hot not in physical contact but in our stomach where they become toxic on bacteria, yeast and other disease feeding agents in our bodies.   Surprisingly,  Our maker,  who created the human body talked so much of these spices in the Holy book,  bible.   Here are just a few of such verses showing how important they are right from the biblical  time: 

Exodus:  30: 22-25. "Moreover the Lord spake unto Moses saying. Take thou also unto thee principal  spices,  of pure myrrh,  five hundred shield,   of sweet cinnamon half so much....

Gen:  43:11. " Then their father Israel said to them. If it must be so, then do this,  take some of the best products of the land in your bags and carry them to the man as a present and little balm,  a little honey,  aromatic gum and myrrh,  pistachio nuts and almonds.

To be continued.


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