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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Bitter Leaf Soup: My Healthy Food

Bitter leaf Soup:  My healthy Food

Bitter foods are gradually  disappearing  from our diets especially  those of our children and youth,   Bitter leaf soup is one healthy soup every wise mother should introduce into her kitchen.   It is more of a herb to me than a vegetable, very high in antioxidants  like, vitamin  A, zinc,  E and other rare acids:  it's bitter taste makes it stand out amongst other soups.  It was traditional to use cocoyam amongst the eastern Nigerians (Ibos) where the soup is popular  to thicken the soup.   But with awareness  and education, ground oats was used here as thickner to assist the bitter with its soluble and insoluble  fibre to work on cholesterol  for those who want to reduce cholesterol.

The one here was prepare with fresh washed bitter leaf"
Red palm oil
Goat meat
Ground  oats as thickner
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper
Sea salt
Some pieces of stock fish
Fresh garlic
Small amount of fresh ginger
African locust bean (ogiri)
And clean water to the size and quantity you desire.

Bitter  leave soup energizes because it reduces sugar in the blood.

Bitter leaf soup is not only delicious, it is an immune booster

Bitter leaf soup helps with insomnia,  meaning,  it helps you sleep throughout the night.

Bitter leaf soup strengthens and cools the liver.   Your liver lover bitters to keep it strong

Bitter leaf soup is good for fertility and the prostate due to its high content of zinc

Bitter leaf soup is an anti inflammatory  and helps reduce inflammation


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