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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Health Benefits of Coconut oil part 2

Health Benefits of Coconut oil Part 2
Studies On Coconut Oil

Medium Chain Fatty Acids(MCFAs) in coconut oil have less chance of being deposited at the tissues.   In a study  published  in March 2008, issue of American Journal of Clinical nutrition"  31 overweight  men and women aged 19.- 50yrs were given 18-24 grams per day of either MCT oil or olive oil for 16 weeks.   The MCT consumption  resulted in about 107 kilograms more fat loss than olive oil.

Another study published  in July, 2009 issue of Lipid found that  12 weeks of coconut oil consumption in women promoted significant  more fat loss in the abdomen  area,  compared  to soya bean oil.

Cardiovascular  disease:  a study published in January  2012 issue of the Asian Pacific Journal of clinical Nutrition looked at whether  coconut oil would have a beneficial effect on lipid levels in 1,839 Filipino   aged 5 to 69yrs, the result indicated that coconut oil significantly increased  the levels If(HDL)  High density lipoprotein the beneficial cholesterol with little effect on the levels of (LDL)  low density lipoprotein, the harmful.

Another study that appeared  in November, 2003 issue of the Journal of Nutrition  found that coconut oil rich diet lowered  the level of blood  fibrinogen and lipoprotein ( markers of heart attack.

Clearly,  there are a lot of confusion  and contradictory evidence on the subject of saturated fats,  even among health care professionals.  The truth we now know is that all saturated  fats are not created equal.  Some saturated
fats are occurring naturally, while others are artificially manipulated  into a saturated state through a man made process called Hydrogenation.

Hydrogenation manipulates vegetable and seed oil by adding hydro atoms while heating the oil producing rancid thickened oil that only benefits processing  food shelf life and corporate profit.

It appears the medical and scientific communities are now fairly united in the opinion that hydrogenated  and seed vegetable oil should be of concern.

You have heard it, Naturally occurring saturated fats such as in coconut oil are beneficial and should form part of our regular diet instead of being avoided.   It is those containing hydrogen that should be of concern.

Source:  Health Benefits of Coconut Oil and why its oil Stands Out  by G . N Enemali pages 25, paragraph 3, P: 27 paragraphs 4 & 5

To be continued.


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