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Friday 11 May 2018

My Healthy Food: Recipe

My Healthy Food:  Recipe

What do we mean by healthy food, For a food to be tagged healthy, it must be rich in nutrients yet low in Calorie

The the preparation by Healthy  Food Fans group is for the health conscious persons:


1.  Fresh tomatoes
2.  Fresh cabbage
3.  Two fresh eggs
4.  Organic  peanut oil
5.  Natural sea salt
6.  Fresh carrot
7.  Cayenne pepper
8.  Black pepper
9.  Fresh tumeric
10. Garlic
11. Ginger
12. Onions
13. Small quantity of spinach
14. Thyme

White rice is chosen as the side dish, you can choose any carbohydrate or grain of your choice.  However to avoid insulin activity with rice, about one teaspoon of cinnamon powder is added towards the end of cooking the rice.   Only about 4 tablespoons of cooked rice will be okay for one person if he or she chooses rice by the side of the above will be okay.   Large quantity of rice will render the food unhealthy for the health  conscious.  


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