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Friday 11 May 2018

Cinnamon and Honey: 8 Sure Ways They Support Your health

Cinnamon  and Honey:  8 Sure Ways They Support Your Health

We are all aware that Honey is a natural antibiotic and a cure for almost all ailments.   Cinnamon  is a spice that started gaining  awareness only recently.   The synergy of these two combination is worth trying if you want to stay healthy natural.

Here are reasons Why the combination of Cinnamon  and honey are invaluable:

1.  Effortless Weightloss:  if you are aiming  to maintain your weight, or desires gradual but healthy weightloss, then go get your honey and make your preparation.   The reason is,  you may not get such a ready made combination yet.  Half teaspoon last thing at night or first in the morning is all you need depending on your body weight.   Cinnamon helps in a lot of ways to keep you healthy.

2.  Source of Iron, Calcium and other important nutrients:   Cinnamon powder is a natural source of iron and calcium,  these are very important  nutrients especially for women.   The mixture ensures your daily supply of these important nutrients

3.  Helps Destroy Yeast:  Cinnamon powder also possesses nutrients that fight and kill yeast and other unwanted  agents that work to suppress  our immune  system.

4.  Wards off Cold:  During cold such as we are approaching,  cinnamon and honey mixture in any tea of your choice produces sweating in the morning which is a sign of healthy detox.   Try this combination  in all your breakfast including oats,  and experience  the immense support  and boost it gives you thought out the day particularly in the area of blood  sugar control. 

5. Diabetes Support:  A natural way to keep our insulin under control.  For those managing diabtese or working to prevent diabetes.   The combination works well to achieve this aim.   I use it almost in all my breakfast.  

6. A Better Replacement  For Sugar:  Instead of Using sugar or other sweetener,  this combination  is a healthy way to enrich your body with needed nutrients without the calories.

7.  Natural way to Fortify Your Carbs:  Other interesting way to enjoy cinnamon's positive health effect is to include about one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in all your carbohydrates like sweet potatoes,  rice etc towards the end of the cooking.  It works.  

8.  Insomnia:  Another area to employ these benefit is in dealing with insomnia.  Insomnia (inability to sleep at night) remains a deadly torment for those who are yet to discover this secret.   Try it last thing at night just about half or one teaspoon.  If you are having appetite  for food at night.   Mix one medium banana to this combination and tell us your story.

The health benefits of honey and cinnamon are numerous.  They help with blood pressure,  weight loss,  boost energy, appetite control,  beautiful skin and hair.  It is better to try this latest health and wellness support residing naturally in this combination no matter what is ailing you.

Cinnamon  powder could also be used alone in your soups and stews to help bring out their natural  taste.


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