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Saturday 14 July 2018

Wellness From Outside Through Massage with Essential Oils

Before now, I believed that wellness must begin from within, I believed "You are what you eat". I believed that unless the inside heals, nothing heals, but I was wrong all these while because the more we live, the more we learn, .  There are rare occasions when healing must begin from without, healing must come from without, help must be sought from without.  These are those times when nothing seems to be working, those times when you seem to be fed up with medications and prescription drugs.  If you have had to battle chronic issues like arthritis, headache, insomnia and similar conditions, then you will agree that in some cases, we must seek help from outside, we must stop disturbing the inside and try massage, or inhalation with essential oils.

What are essential oils?

According to  "Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plant". As we age, there is need for us to explore other avenues to natural health such as the use of essential oils.  Essential oils are so concentrated, they are also known as volatile oils.  They are so potent that one drop is enough to offer immeasurable benefits.

What are their uses

Essential oils are very effective in addressing several heal issues, however, it is important to study and know all that we need to know about them before going into the world of these oils.  My experience with these oil both for skin, hair, inhalation and general massage reveals that they are so concentrated and effective that mere inhalation gives result.  They are used in drops in most cases in combination another kitchen or regular oil familiar to you.  Ingesting them should be under supervision or guidance.  Being oil based, there effect lasts for long, even when you wash them off, the effect is still being felt.  The areas they mostly used are:

1.  Skincare
2.  Hair
3.  Body massage
4.  Stabilizes hormones
5.  Effective Immune Support
6.  Helps relax the body and calm sore musles
7. Inhalation
8.  Insecticides
9.  Repellents
10.  As deodorants
11   Air fresheners and sanitizers

Some popular Essential oils and their uses



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