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Saturday 24 November 2018

9 Health Benefits of Coconut oil Mouth Rinse

Achieving healthy body naturally should be everyone's desire but not everyone is able to attain it.  The reason is partly because our body is so complex, no single combo can perfectly remove all diseases ones and for all. It is therefore important for us to continue to explore daily, varying ways of staying healthy naturally. One of such ways which I have tested and proven lately is the coconut oil Mouth Rinse.

What is Coconut Oil Mouth Rinse:

This is  simply a method of improving oral health and hygiene  by doing a mouth rinse by using cold pressed coconut to rinse the mouth, but much more than just rinsing, it will have to sit in the mouth for at least 15 to 20 minutes before the resultant waste is thrown out.  It could be done in the morning first before brushing or last thing at night especially during periods of Insomnia.  It really works

It is just amazing what this simple trick can do to our health positively.  Some choose to call it Oil pulling. Here are just a few of its benefits to your health:

1.  Helps you sleep better

When stress and other unknown factors try to steal sleep from you.  Try using cold pressed coconut oil to rinse as stated here, allowing to sit for few minutes and see how soon you will fall asleep after the exercise. Tr before bed

2.  Detoxify the body: 

 Our body is always battling with all forms of toxins especially in these days when our environment has become so toxic.  One easy way to regularly reduce the toxic load on our organs is by doing this exercise at least 5 times a week.  It has no side effect so long as the oil is thrown out after the rinse. 

3.  Whitens Teeth

If you want to whiten your teeth naturally without stress.  Practice this simple remedy to help reduce plague build up and whiten your teeth.  A white and clean teeth gives you confidence in the public and helps your overall health. 

4.  Strengthens Teeth, Gums and Jaws

This simple home remedy helps strenghten your teeth, Gums and Jaw.  It kills yeast and bacteria that damage our Gums and teeth.  Many are still unaware that coconut oil kills so many bacteria species than most over-the-counter drugs.  Our teeth is our best grinder, it begins the digestive job and ought to be strong and in good condition all the time. 

6.  Helps with Bad breath. 

Bad breath may sound simple but, it's one of the most embarrassing aspect of any gentleman or woman no matter how well dressed.  Surprisingly, most people are not aware of this ugly disease that destroys our personally.  Unfortunately, most people cannot confront you with this truth except sincere family members.  In your work place, they will only discuss it without confronting you.  It is therefore important we avoid it by carrying out regular rinse with cold pressed coconut oil, and enjoy other health benefits that comes with it too. 

7.  Prevents Cavities and other gum disease

If you have never suffered gum disease. It may be difficult for you to comprehend that gum disease is one of the most troublesome of all.  It affects your sleep, feeding and everything.  So better to prevent it by practicing this simple remedy.  If is particularly benefiting to the elderly folks whose teeth are becoming week and are usually the ones afflicted most when it comes to oral health and bad breath. 

8.  Relieves Headaches, Migraines and Hangover. 

It may surprise you how this simple practise can go all the way in relieving Migrains and other health problems like headaches and even hangovers. Just give it a try when next you experience hangover. 

9.  Helps with Hormonal issues and Healthy Thyroid

If you have hormonal issues, which may include overactive or underactive thyroid, try this coconut oil Mouth Rinse.  Apart from affecting your thyroid positively, it helps with reducing excess belly fat especially if used before bed time. 

Using the cold pressed coconut oil to rinse rely improves general health and well being in a lot of ways. Additionally, it reduces yeast activity in the body resulting in reduced frequency of infections with common bacteria in our environment such as typhoid fever.  You need however to ensure you get the best quality cold pressed coconut oil for you to get the expected result. 


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