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Thursday 17 January 2019

Whiten Your Teeth Naturally.

Maintaining pure white teeth at all times gives us confidence especially when we stand out there in a crowd.  However, due to diet, Age, poor maintainance and other factors, we find our teeth browning or worse still with plaques.
Nature has provided foods that can help whiten our teeth.  One of such is coconut oil.  Using coconut oil for occasional mouth rinse and gargle will gradually whiten our teeth.  Another oil that contributes to whitening teeth is cloves essential oil.  A few drops of clove oil in your cold pressed coconut, rubbed on the affected area of your teeth have many benefits.
Here are 6 benefits of adding clove oil to coconut oil for whitening teeth.
1.  Prevents bacteria build up
The mouth which houses our teeth is the starting point of food digestion.  Particles of food left in the mouth play host to many bacteria that destroys our teeth and cause mouth odour.  The use of these natural  antibacterial, antifungal, and anti inflammatory oils destroys these bacterial before the cause damage. 
2.  Removes Plague build up
If proper attention is not given to othe teeth especially as we age, plagues begins to build up.  If however the plagues already existed, using this oil in the morning after brushing your teeth  Frequent usage will help return the teeth to white and prevent further build up of plagues.
3.  Destroy Mouth Odour
Mouth odour could be quite embarrasing.  If those germs and bacteria are not death with, overtime they make our mouth and teeth their abode and embarrasses us in public.  This combination will naturally kill off the category of bacteria responsible for mouth odour.
4.  Stronger Teeth
One of our teeth's greetest enemy is sugar and other carbohydrates.  It does not matter where the sugar comes from.  Either from natural fruits or other processed foods, they damage our teeth by weakening the gums.  A weak gum cannot give out a health and strong teeth.  The combination of these two oil helps keep the Gums healthy thereby maintaining a strong teeth.
5.  Prevents inflammations.
The combination of these oil will ensure good blood flow to the teeth. If there is proper flow, inflammations will not get a hold on our teeth and without inflammations, pains will be virtually non existent. 
6.  Clove oil contains antiseptic properties
These properties work to support the health of your teeth, and gives you confidence when speaking
It is important to know that clove oil is strong and only few drops to about 2 tablespoons of Coconut oil is okay.  Too much of this oil, will sure give a negative result.  Coconut oil is better used in much higher ratio when combining the two., otherwise only coconut oil gives result as well, but the combination gives better result.
Remember to be cautious with clove oil  frequent use and ingestion may not be safe.  


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