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Friday 17 January 2020

How My Aching Tooth and Receding Gum Healed - Part 3

The Foundation believes that no disease is irreversible irrespective of your age, as long as you withdraw from the cause of the disease and provide right building materials for new cells, same applies to  all parts of our bodies including our teeth.  In this  case the suspected factor feeding the problem were too much grains, and sugar especially from bread.

It was necessary that the cause of the problem be disconnected.

Here are the  HealthyFoods temporarily disconnected from:

1.  Oats

Oats is a healthy food rich in potassium, magnesium and other B group of vitamins.  These days people are using oat for thickening their soups, they are used for preparing solid swallow and as pap cereal.   So you can see that so many recipes are being done with oat presenting the possibility of overdoing it.  So it was in this case,. Oat is my swallow, oat recently became the soup thickener apart from its original use as cereal.  The use of oats in all forms was discontinued for a month to allow healing take place.

2.  Soyabeans

I love organic soya powder and it's almost an everyday food and beverage for me and household,. Soya powder is rich in calcium, potassium and other essential nutrients, besides it has complete amino acid unlike most protein sources from the plant kingdom.  But would you believe if I tell you that Soyabean powder as wonderful as it is inflammatory and may not contribute to the healing process.  Again soya bean can hide in some cases causing and adding your pains, it is difficult to digest and could sometimes not help you get better if there was toxic overload which contributed to the pain.  It is based on these awareness that I decided to drop the consumption of Soyapowder temporarily which used to be one of my best protein sources.  Of course, I have since resumed it's consumption.

3.  White Bread

White bread is not so healthy.  However, it's part of my occasional breakfast.  It is also the only white fortified food I eat.  But, we know that white bread is inflammatory and high in sugar, it was also necessary to discontinue it's consumption temporarily to allow healing take place. 

4.  Gargle with Sea salt

It became a habit to gargle with warm water with sea salt every night before bed so as to help kill bacteria and parasites that may hinder healing.  The sea salt water solution also helps kill pains and reduce inflammations during the night.

In summary, it is always better to work towards good dental and oral hygiene to reduce oral and tooth problems.  Prevention is always better than cure.


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