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Friday 9 June 2023

Meet The Founder of Grace Ngo Foundation -

TOWN Icon: Meet The Founder Of Grace NGO Foundation, Mrs. Grace Enemali

12:08am On Oct 18, 2014

TOWN Icon: Meet the founder of Grace NGO Foundation, Mrs. Grace Enemali
Born on September 1964 into the family of Nwokoye,Mrs. Grace Ngozi Enemali is a remarkable Nigerian woman who has committed her time and resources to enlightening Nigerians on the use of natural foods to sustain health and provides for the less privileged in the society. She is a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Idah, Kogi State, Nigeria where she obtained National and Higher National Diplomas. She is also a holder of Postgraduate Diploma in Mgt from the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi (ATBU). Mrs. Grace Ngozi Enemali is the founder of Grace Ngo Foundation.
Sister Grace as she is popularly called went through various health challenges after leaving the civil service in 2008. She was hospitalized severally for gastric ulcer, malaria and typhoid fever. She was administered different kinds of drugs and expensive supplements yet the diseases were repeatedly coming back. Typhoid became a constant threat to her health. She therefore, resorted to searching for books, materials and sites on natural food if any help. During her research she learnt a lot about her body functions; acidity, weight, imbalance in her ecosystem, stress and many more.

While her health challenges lasted, she weighed 98-100kg. With dietary modifications using natural foods, she came down to 82kg while still relying on few supplements. In 2012, she began to enjoy good health relying on natural foods. Her victory in beating these health challenges led to her desire to set up GRACE NGO Foundation; An organization which serves as a platform for Mrs Grace to render free services to the public on how to live healthily and share her own life experience.

She started the foundation to educate and enlighten the public on natural foods and the positive effects of consuming more natural organic foods on the health. Through the foundation, she also teaches about the application of natural/organic foods, to open up hitherto dormant businesses like coconut oil, organic peanut oil etc. to flourish again, thereby empowering their producers and distributors financially with overall positive effect on the economy.
The Foundation since registration has continued to record testimonies of beneficiaries through its counselings and seminars.

She is an ardent believer who has served actively in God’s vineyard in various capacities; as a Sunday School Teacher, Sunday School General Superintendent.

Source:  Nairaland  2014


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  2. My esteem sister and a friend of all,i really appreciate you and your family especially my great engineer. The good Lord will continue to increase you in all areas of your life ijmn amen. Engineer Tee odenusi based in Akure