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Saturday 10 June 2023

Five Foods to Relieve a bad Headache



People often complain of headaches, especially young or middle aged person, which I believe most could be due to ignorance and certain habits that harms or affects their health negatively unknown to them.

Headache  when they occur  could be very distressing.  There are different types of headache but whichever type it is  a distressing situation I have also experienced a very bad headache and here are five foods that can relieve some very bad headaches which has worked for me and you  may give it a try if you suffer headaches frequently.  

1.  Green Apple:

  Green apple is a low-calorie fruit with a lot of nutrients and vitamins that helps to kill bad fat in the body and reduce some of the things that may be responsible for headaches .I may not actually know the exact nature  or secret in this fruit that makes it work so well in reducing headaches,   but the fact is that I have tried it for a bad headache and it worked instantly for me.   it worked so it depends on the type of headache  but there is nothing wrong in trying green apples especially if you suffer frequent headaches, you can try consuming one green apple a day, since it helps in toxins removal from  the body, there is no doubt that if toxins are reduced in the body, an improvement is sure to be felt in every aspect such as relieving headaches too.  

2.   Cucumber:  

 Cucumber is one of the top anti-inflammatory veggies that helps with many situations.   Truly  some headaches may be due to inflammations that cannot be seen to the visible eyes but consuming cucumbers especially without the pills as I often do usually bring a relief even merely  cutting the slices of fresh  cucumbers and putting it on the forehead have been known to help relieve certain types of frontal headaches but whichever type,  also try including cucumbers in your meals  when you notice you are experiencing frequent headaches you will notice a relief because some of the headaches are due to toxins due to or  excess calorie in the body and a lot of other factors which cucumbers are known to deal with.   Works also in removing excess body fat or body mass.  It even works better when you combined it with green apples.   Combined them together and take, you will notice a relief.

3.    Ginger  Tea :  

Ginger tea is very good especially when the headache has not kicked off when you first noticed it, it is good to take fresh ginger tea or start chewing on ginger if you have no water around to make tea.   You can also add a little lemongrass if you have it around and then make tea and drink out of it .  you will notice that Ginger also is a super root that works to reduce pains.  It also helps relieve digestive issues and inflammations generally.

Ginger is specialized in pains and inflammation too,     Some of the  headache originated from the gut sometimes  due to indigestion or some other  factors.   Ginger is also able to tackle it I have also had some  people who had headaches that was later linked to gut issues and when  ginger was introduced to the diet, the frequent headaches was relieved. so try including ginger tea as part of your diet if you experience frequent headaches.

4.  Cloves:   

Another foo that works perfectly well is cloves.  This tiny spice offers almost instant relieve when chewed or taken as tea without sugar or milk.  Clove is very good  in relieving excess acidity in the body and  reduce the activity of bacterias, yeasts and viruses.  It is a pain killing spice.  It is mildly sedative too which is often needed to calm most headaches.  On several occasions I have successfully used cloves to ward off an impending headache by merely chew on the spice.

 5.  Lemon Juice:  

Adding lemon juice in water and the juice and taking it  especially with lots of water may help because lemon juice is rich in vitamin C to neutralize free radicals and then it also helps to  lock in fluid in the cells which may be causing the headache and when the cells are well hydrated difficult headache is relieved.  I think it is in this way that lemon juice comes to play when it comes to relieving bad  headaches another.  Lemon juice in water is also alkalizing and too much acids in the body may trigger certain types of headaches unknown to us. Juice of lemon may help tackle it.

Summary:    Coffee: 

 This may sound straight to a lot of people but coffee is for instantaneous headaches because it is  a source of caffeine and when caffeine is too much in the body it can also cause headaches but incidentally. There are some types type of  tension headaches especially due to stress and hardening of arteries, coupled with not sleeping well that response to coffee tea instantly, as coffee also help relax the arteries.

Much  caffeine in the body may increase which another we can also give rise to other types of headaches, so it is important to know why the headache occurred and additionally to ensure that you are proper hydrated.    Merely drinking water sufficiently can relieve certain headaches Dehydration can cause headaches too and that is why I always advocate for water therapy that we should make sure that we take sufficient water in the morning as this could many headaches.


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