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Monday 19 June 2023

Top Health Benefits of Corn Silk


Resorting to natural means in solving health issues is no longer  news today  because most natural remedies and herbs has proven to be more Potent not only in providing relief but provides more lasting solutions to most  ailments that trouble us these days.  One of such emerging herbs is corn silk,  before now  not much was known about corn silk as it was usually thrown away as a waste, but today, that has changed,   we  know that corn silk  is a very important aspect of our much loved corn,  so when next you get your corn, preserve the silk neatly and also use as tea because of its numerous health benefits.

Here are the top health benefits of corn silk  irrespective of the colour because some come in purple,  some come in white but not much has been told about the varying colours of corn silk but generally these are the benefits that have been confirmed by most  user of corn silk for health:

1.   Prostate issues:   Prostate enlargement and prostate cancer is becoming quite  common amongst our men, middle age. older men alike and it's always difficult to find something that can minimize the pains or the discomfort of prostate but thanks to God for this low calorie light anti-inflammatory natural drink that has proven as testified by users that it helped to shrink or reduce further enlargement of the prostate due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

2.  Managing of High Blood Pressure:   Blood Pressure also has shown a lot of positive signs and improvements when corn silk  is boiled and taken because it's a source of potassium, vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients that helps to support High Blood Pressure.  In addition, it is naturally caffeine and sodium free which benefits high blood pressure.

3.  Weight loss:  If you are looking for how  to lose weight, this drink is  very good because of its low calorie and antioxidant-rich components which benefits overweight persons.  Overweight person can take advantage of it  especially when it is in season, it has numerous other benefits.

4.  Malaria Attack:   Another area that  It is beneficial is treating malaria.   Malaria is a common ailment in Africa and when treatment is not total it keeps reoccurring because of low immunity, but  consuming or making tea out of corn silk just a tablespoon of it will usually minimize the discomfort always associated with malaria including pains , headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms, It will also help reduce inflammations and fever which usually accompany malaria attacks.

 5. Urinary Tract Infections:   It is also great for those who are managing  Urinary .  tract infection or such ailments like bladder related issues.  It helps in increasing quantity of urine and pushing toxins out in the process.   UTI are becoming common even among our youths and older adults as well.  We can occasionally take this drink when in season to help support these organs even if we do not have the disease.

6.  Kidney Problems:  Corn Silk is also great  for those managing kidney problems, It  is so beneficial because, it it is a caffeine-free drink and has a lot of antioxidants that helps to dissolve things like kidney stone.

7.  Managing Gout:  Gout can be very distressing when it strikes,  It is also  another form of  arthritis pains.  Usually,  when we eat more of meat, proteins and other  uric acid forming foods and they crystallizes around the joints and becomes swollen and painful.  Taking this tea can help  reduce the inflammation and pains as well as other uncomfortable discomfort that comes with it.

8.  Managing Diabetes:  Those managing diabetes will also benefit from taking this drink because it helps to reduce weight gain and body mass which is common among diabetics which are part  of the things that leads to complications or may make diabetes management difficult. So taking it will reduce weight and provide antioxidants needed to improve immunity and resist diabetes and other diseases.

9.  Heart Health:  Those who are dealing with heart-related issues will also benefit from this low calorie drink rich in Vitamin  C and potassium.  Vitamin C in this  natural drink helps also in neutralizing free radicals which makes heart problems worse.   

10. Help Fight Inflammations:   at all points and at all levels these are just a few of the ways concert support and boost our immune system there are several other ways you may boil it and drink it just give it a try to improve health generally.

11.  Reduce Bad Cholesterol:  Persons with high cholesterol can safely include occasional tea made with corn silk in their diet to help improve health and reduce bad cholesterol being low in calorie and with zero cholesterol. 

12.  Manage Stress and anxiety:  There in increase in stress, anxiety and several other ailments worsened by our lifestyle and bad food choices.  This seasonal food  will surely improve and reduce stress as it has zero sugar, sodium and fat. These make stress and anxiety worse.

13.  Boosts Immunity:  In fighting inflammations, reducing body weight and supplying essential antioxidants like vitamin  C, the immune system is stronger and better positioned to resist and fight diseases.

Summary:  It is important to wash our corn silk properly better in a running tap to  avoid sand and dirts  which may accompany it  it.  It is also best to use fresh silk when it is in season though we can also room-dry it and store in a cool dark place with a container and close tightly.  

Preparation is easy, a tablespoon of fresh or dried corn silk. Add freshly boiled water, allow to brew and drink after sieving.



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