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Monday 19 June 2023

It was a Stroke, He survived it. (True Life Story)Part 1


This is a true life story of a 63 year old man who had partial stroke but survived it using natural means.   

 Read on to see what happened, foods, herbs and tricks that helped bring the blood pressure from 193/107 to 151/75 within 3 days

We all know how dangerous the attack of stroke  can be and most times it is triggered by uncontrolled blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, poor blood circulation which could be worsened by high cholesterol and several other factors can predispose one to an attack of stroke.  it is also a factor and once someone get to certain age it is necessary to watch our weight, our diet,our blood pressure, our sugar in order to avoid serious complications like stroke because when a stroke occurs it  can cause serious damage  to the brain.  to the blood vessels or to any part of the body that is affected.   Some people it leaves  them dead, some people leaves them paralyzed some people  just like vegetables especially when the brain is affected so it is definitely not something anyone will wish for  even our  enemy.  In  this case I happen to leave and share the same apartment with this 63 years old man. I believe as could be seen by the uncontrolled pressure  which  readings as  stated above must   have been triggered by the rise in blood pressure as is in most cases of stroke.

Most Common Causes of Stroke as was also in this Case:   

1. Age:

Several factors can predispose one of an attack of a stroke which usually affect the brain and some blood vessels that are affected but top on the list of the factors are age.   Age is a factor as can seen in this case.  63 years old. Obviously the older we get the more we should be careful to avoid it.   it is not something that one can say it runs in families or I can't be affected by it once you fall under this agec categories, we should be careful whether you are male or female.  should be careful and watch out to avoid an attack of stroke.  Most elderly people who are over 50 are more likely to experience or suffer a stroke.  age is a strong factor. 

2.  Being Overweight: 

I mean being extra in size is a factor we must always watch our weight to avoid incidences of stroke when the body mass is increasing and it's not in the same proportion with bone density stroke may occur  especially in the case of older adults.

 3.  High Blood pressure:

Those who are predispose to  high blood pressure or who are already having high blood pressure should be aware of attack of stroke once the blood pressure gets above 160 or  over 165 Systolic,  He or she should be careful and be on alert to use things that will lower the blood pressure or use your medication if you are on  medication but in this very case there was a slight negligence in checking and monitoring the blood pressure though not on any blood pressure medication but had had acpast blood pressure of over 180 which was successfully regulated using natural foods and herbs.   so if you are negligent of checking your blood pressure for whatever reason then you should reconsider your step because it  usually give little or no warning although some people may understand when their body is speaking to them they may know what is going on they may be able to understand what the body is saying but not everybody is so gifted to know.

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 In this case, the man thought he usually would know when the blood pressure is high but he got it wrong as in this case the blood pressure I believe went over 200 and he was not even aware until the attack came so we must beware of neglecting to check our blood pressure whether you have the feeling or not but at least always check it , especially if you know that you have experienced a high blood pressure of over 180 or 190 before or you are an elderly,  person it  is always  better and safer to check to know, also  listen to your body is good,  but don't rely totally on it sometimes you yourself may not understand what the body is saying because I know that our body doesn't go wrong in  warnings,  symptoms and signals  but we may go wrong sometimes because either  we are too busy to listen or ignored  it when the signal was showing up and in this case definitely his signals were there but negligence  contributed.  Do not ignore any signal and try listening to your body and if you cannot understand as much as possible report to someone for assistance.

4.  Overweight: 

A little extra weight on any mature adult opens door for stroke and in this case too, the man is a little overweight and this also is a factor to watch out for.  Once you put extra pounds and you are a mature adult, you do not need to wait for complications such as stroke to occur before you  start to work on the weight and the size because It is one of  factors that predisposes one  to such an attack and this also was a factor in this case so the first thing to do is to work and reduce the weight instead of relying only on medications, medications alone may not do it or may give you a temporary solution if you do not work hard and bring down your weight.

5.  Consuming too much animal Protein:

  if you are in the Habit of consuming too much of animal protein such as meat cow meat goat meat milk and all such foods that may increase your cholesterol levels especially bad cholesterol you may also stand a chance to suffer a stroke in your lifetime but it is preventable if you noticed that you are already an adult a mature adult to reduce your meat and how other animal food consumption if you do not want to suffer a stroke because when this foods clog arteries the actor is the blood begins to pump Extra in order to pass through when this continues to happen over a long time a stroke may occur so my suggestion is that older adults should as much as possible go low on animal protein such as you meat go low on saturated fat from oil specially transfats we must stay away or reduce their consumption where necessary to reduce chances of experiencing a stroke.  This is most likely a factor in the stroke attack because he is a fan of meat.  Goat meat, cow meat and all kinds of meat.  It is better to reduce meat consumption even if  your intestine could digest it,   still go quite low, do not make it an everyday food, it is acidic and follows a long chain digestion.

6.  Much Cold :  

During cold weather, those with high blood pressure should pay extra attention to their health, try to keep warm at all times.  On the date before the incident, He was drenched by rain water on high way from work and the diet rich in saturated fat the night before may have added to the trigger.  I there advise that massage and similar preventive measures must be taken if you had an experience similar to this.  Though this may not be the direct cause but my experience managing people with high blood pressure reveals that the blood pressure usually rise when they are cold, watch out for this too.

7.  Late Meal:

As much as possible avoid consuming any solid food after 6pm.  Consuming solid foods late may trigger a rise in blood pressure and if not well managed, a stroke follows.


The above are some of the likely factors that may have contributed to the this event which was the climax.  The 63 year old man is a Nigerian man living in Ogun State.  Western part of the country.  He had gone out to work and was drenched  by rain on the day before the attack.  On returning home he had a meal of grains swallow with vegetable soup one boil egg and a piece of meat as he loves to eat meat with every main meal of the day.  He went to bed feeling well as usual but woke up with serious numbness in the left hand and strange feelings in the brain.  The numbness was so intense that we had to do a little massage first to recover some feelings there. 

Without doubt I knew. This looks like a stroke.  I quickly arranged some fresh lemon grass and made tea out it for him as we aways accuse malaria for almost every ailment.  And malaria was a first suspect as usual.  He took it but was still very uncomfortable.  I noticed heavy accumulation of fats at the back side during the massage and advised him that, this fat is part of the problem and must be dealth with as soon as possible.  We considered going to hospital right away, but I also suggested  to him that hospital won  take out these fat for you, so why not take them out first. Excess body fat poses a big problem and must be tackled too.

The heart was so affected that he complained of slight difficulty when breathing as if blood or something was struggling to pass through as he narrated to me.  Before these event he had not checked his blood pressure for several months as much as 9 months and this in my view was gross negligence with a past history of high blood pressure.  We decided to check and discovered it was. 193/107.  Shocking!


So having checked  it and found out it was was high I got some fresh  soursop leaves (6 large leaves)and a few guava leaves (2 leaves)  and boiled together   and gave him to drink a glass cup after taking it we checked again few hours later and found out that it has dropped 151/75 then other things that followed such as:

Follow this blog for part  2 of  this story


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