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Thursday 29 June 2023

7 Surprising Foods Diabetics Must Avoid


 Here are 7 common foods we love to eat daily but has negative impact on blood sugar.  Those who are experiencing insulin resistance must be careful in choosing their foods, if you can choose smartly and avoid those  foods that have high glycemic index you may not have to worry too much about insulin resistance as it may soon be over.   I have personally observed these things in my own diet and over time began to reduce them and when possible to avoid them completely but in avoiding them there must be alternative foods that can be substituted.  whatever you are missing by avoiding them though  I do not agree, you just take them out completely without a substitute to supply the nutrients you are missing if any.   It is okay to take them once in a while, take them in little amount, if you must consume them but bear in mind that they have a high glycemic index and posses resistance in your blood sugar, so the smart thing to do after consuming them if you must consume them is to consume another food that will lower your sugar so as to bring it to balance.  Here are the top 7 common foods Diabetics and prediabetics must be more cautious with;

1. White Rice  

We love to eat rice a lot and of course  rice is a low calorie easily digestible grain that is enjoyed right from childhood  up to  to old age but these days we have this brand of polished rice that usually have nutrients removed during polishing, making it unhealthy especially for diabetics these polished rice are in the  majority today and, are very high in terms of glycemic index.   if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic or you are managing diabetes please as much as possible know that rice is not a friend of diabetes and should be avoided or taken cautiously with a lot of vegetables and other foods or spices that lower blood sugar

2. Yam:  

Our local yam is a nice delicacy to so many of us but because of the issue of insulin resistance and its high glycemic index  a lot of us have decided to remove it from our die.I have personally remove this from my diet for several years now because of his impact on blood sugar I have managed diabetes in some people, I have handled some people with diabetes and have checked their sugar after a meal made with yam and I saw the impact so, I  do not need any other test or any other doctor to tell me that this particular food is not good for diabetes. Sweet potatoes is a better and healthier option if you want to eat tubers although people tend to see sweet potatoes as very sweet but the good news is that,  that sweetness is packed with nutrients and it  is a powerful food for those managing diabetes but we must control the portion and it's even best eating with vegetables and then in small amount in order for you to enjoy the benefits but for the yam tuber I do not recommend it for diabetes or pre-diabetics however surprisingly a lot of people who are managing diabetes still consume yam frequently ignorant of the fact that it affects blood sugar and in case you are in that category of people, just know that this particular food  though  looks hard as a tuber but it has very high negative impact on blood sugar and should be avoided if possible or replaced with a healthier option which is sweet potatoes.

3. White Bread:

Another very offensive food that we must avoid or be cautious with white bread if you are managing diabetes or you were pre-diabetic or you are a health-conscious person managing any kind of elements especially inflammations then it is advised to stay away from white bread and then also to stay away from wheat  bread you can take  wheat once in a long while in very small amount because of fibre but a lot of times people tend to switch to wheat believing that it is a better option yes which is high in fibre and vitamin B group of vitamins but it is not an option to consume it regularly because it does not work that way though it has more fibre than the white bread but that must be taken consciously because of its effect and impact and blood sugar and blood pressure too.

4. Milk

It is hard to believe but it is true that though we condemn milk in a lot of  ways though it is  loaded  with vitamins and minerals but every diabetic or pre-diabetic shouldbe very cautious with the consumption of milk.  Milk is not a friend of diabetes, those who are managing  blood sugar should  as much as possible stay away from too much milk .  once in a long while like I have always said you can take small amount because of your brain health  because milk is a brain food so I do not subscribe to total abstinence from certain foods because of its negative impact on blood sugar once in a long while take milk, it may help  you to reduce depression too and have to support the brain, may preserve the brain function and degeneration that is what I have noticed and those who are conscious of blood sugar or fighting inflammation to also be mindful of milk and take it cautiously or if they have other alternatives  for calcium you can also abstained completely.  I'm aware that some people have abstained from milk totally and they are doing very well with it but I have noticed that when milk is kept away for too long energy level drops. Total energy drops because milk is one of the foods that have complete aminoacids and my  honest opinion is that it should not be a regular food for diabetics but once in a while included moderately  because of its nutrients and the fact is that it hass complete amino acids and supports brain health.

5. Noodles, Pastas, Biscuits

Noodles pasta biscuits semovita and all the names such as spaghetti or whatever they are called are all in the same class and  very unhealthy for those who are managing diabetes or pre-diabetics they are not only factory made they do not have nutrients to deliver and those  managing diabetes or trying to control blood sugar should be conscious of nutrients in the food they consume.  Almost all the foods in this categories may be fortified to but it is better to avoid fortified foods and embrace naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in order to save and secure our liver and kidney because the liver and the kidney are the ones doing the clearing after we have consumed these unhealthy foods so if you are trying to avoid blood sugar spike or you have issues with insulin then you must stay away from these category of foods because they are not healthy and they do not support a stable blood sugar

6. Pap made with corn and Corn Products

Pap is a common food and  many people love it because it's not only easy to consume you can also add other foods to enjoy it,  it is also  a fermented food which is good for us but here is a bad news for diabetics and prediabetics irrespective of  whether it's made with yellow corn and white corn it is not good for blood sugar, it is one of the worst foods when managing blood sugar you must stay away I have had arguments with people who are diabetic who are still in love with pap because it tastes sour in the mouth and because they do not have knowledge about its glycemic index.  I have met someone that is diabetic and been  on medications and when I tried to educate her that she should stop consuming too much pap she argued it so I left her alone and that is the case with many people today, ignorance while they are on  medication they are still feeding the disease.  if you are in that category take breakfast made with pap  and then go check your blood sugar yes it is true some people do take it with other foods like moi moi,  yes that is a better way fairly better way but  I still do not recommend it because consuming it with beans or moi moi  does not make it complete if you are taking with boiled egg, it is even better  and that pap  has to be millet  pap  because it has

7.  Fake Honey

Pure original honey is not bad for diabetes but it is very hard these days to get a good honey that has not been adulterated fake honey there forIs one of the worst foods for diabetes if you are not sure of the honey which is the case most times these days it is better to avoid honey because it will spike your blood sugar or even start it if you didn't have it before because most times we do not know the content of our so-called honey but if you know the source of the honey and you are sure they are directly from the Beast you can take it moderately and it will help to boost the nutrients in your body and support fight against diabetes otherwise it is one of the foot to be avoided because of its negative impact on blood sugar


There are several other foods that also cause spike in blood sugar however it is important to know how a food  affects your blood sugar before you start consuming it .Do not based on what people say or what people think about the food or how the food looks some food may look solid physically like our local yam but they do not behave like that when they get into the body so we must be careful in order not to feed or support insulin resistancethrough what we eat, so  that we will not experience complications in diabetes


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