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Monday 26 June 2023

Here is the next oil to Olive oil, See why I use it Daily



Fats and oils are very important in our diet especially if you are managing an ailment, it is  important to choose your oils and your fats very very carefully because of the impact and their effect on our overall health.  After several years of wondering which oil to use having  used several other oils such as  sunflower oil, canola oil and all kinds of oils and found out that it is difficult to get a good one but  later found one that is even indigenous, we all know that only olive  trends as one of  the best oil  especially for managing diseases because of its lipid profile, now cold pressed olive oil cannot stand heat when you try to cook with cold pressed olive oil it attracts free radicals it attracts other agents which are harmful to the body I have  personality  tried cooking with cold pressed olive oil during my years of search for good oil  and  it didn't come out well and you cannot store that food for a long time when you prepare it with olive oil I then found out that peanut oil is the next in terms of profile and why it is even better is because it can stand heat, it tastes even better and does not spoil meaning that it is organic except you buy those ones that have been adulterated.  I have actually bought one before thinking it was organic peanut oil but eventually threw it away because it didn't meet up to my expectation.

Here are the reasons why you should switch to organic peanut oil if you are still searching for oil to use in your cooking and  the good news is that the peanut oil is also good not only  for cooking,  frying for those who love frying and then I also recently discovered you can add it moderately  to your soups and stews too. Before now I thought it was only good for stews and such other things but you can add it more gently because of its rich content of vitamin E. vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant for the heart those who want to strengthen their heart or going through heart related issues should  choose their oil wisely and they may even consider using this peanut oil and may even consider using the oil in their  cookings

Here are top benefits of using organic peanut to cook your  meals:

1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is present in high amount in this oil and it is a powerful Antioxidant for the heart and rarely found in many foods  is a fat-soluble vitamin and also operate on the other side of non fat,  so when you are talking of important antioxidants to fight disease vitamin E is one of them especially as we age we must include as much as possible more vitamin E rich foods naturally occurring vitamin E is best, this is not to say that if you have a supplementation it  is bad but whenever you have access to the naturally occurring vitamin E in foods such as we have in Peanut oil and some seeds, better use them so that you get results

2.  For Heart ❤️ Related Issues

If you experience heart problems and  really you don't have to wait for it  before you start taking food that can support your heart health this is particularly important for women during the pre menopause, the menopause and the post menopause years they tend to have heart problems more than the men maybe because of other factors such as estrogen activities such as hormonal imbalances and all other factors so consider using organic peanut oil in your cooking as much as possible getting olive oil is not so easy as some of us may not  be able to access it depending on your region but because it is not so easy and has been so much adult-rated here, it is safer to use the one we are sure of  which is  the peanut oil.

3. To Support Liver Function:

Vitamin E is very prominent in this oil and  is the main reason I have decided to stick to it for several years now vitamin E is important in helping  dissolves some of the bad cholesterol and some of the unhealthy fats.  There was   actually a time I tried to keep the oil out considering that it may not be so much important as I was attaching and for the fact that it was not within reach where I was residing at the time. it but it was not long some few months I discovered that I usually feel dizzy, then did a test, I had developed  fatty liver which was never there while I was using the peanut oil.   I had to go back quickly and get this oil even though it was not easily within reach but knowing that our health is the greatest asset we have I went all way out to go get the oil because of its importance and support to my wellness, so if you are experiencing a fatty liver particularly you must be careful with the oil you are  using. Try  to get more foods that are rich in vitamin E since it was not likely to clog arteries or be stocked in the Liver as some other oils  do. Bad oils and transfats in the liver contribute in  stopping or preventing it from doing it work and when the Liver stopped working.   We are down already our  body metabolism of fat stops working and if you don't eat fat in your diet if there is no fat in your diet in a whole day your immune system is completely down,  so this is one of the main reason you may consider switching to  the oil  more seriously and also consider using the organic peanut oil.

4.  Fight Inflammations

Vitamin E naturally occurring is not inflammatory except when other ingredients or or agents are added to it but on its  own, it  is not inflammatory instead  supports the fight against inflammations which do occur at all levels in the body and it also supports a healthy body weight which sometimes are caused by inflammations not really fat but just inflammation all over.

5.  Improve absorption of Nutrients

Have you tried consuming certain foods without fat,  if you ever tried it, you will be able to appreciate better the place of healthy fats like vitamin E in digestion because without healthy fats and antioxidants such as Vitamin E that you can find in this oil, the food digestion will be difficult,  producing gas and all kinds of discomfort you know what happens when you put fresh tomatoes inside a machine to grind and there is no water in it you know it makes a lot of noise and  takes a longer time and at the end it won't blend very well until you add a little water that is what happens to us  in our digestive.   Little oil from Vitamin E  makes for easier and faster digesiton.  So if you have been told to avoid oils and fats like many of us  often misled with a wrong information it won't help you or improve your health.

 whether you are fighting high blood pressure which tends to be poor in absorption of fats generally don't avoid all the fats It supports your heart without antioxidants like vitamin E   your heart function wont be at its best.  without this important nutrients some organs will not give their best and that is why we must also consider using this oil.

6.  Reduce Signs of Aging

We are all aware of the benefits of vitamin E for the skin vitamin E help 2 reduce signs of aging if you use natural vitamin E oil as a body cream or vitamin E in your lotion or you're consuming it whichever,, you will notice a glowing skin.   No wonder they always add it to most of the body creams and lotions because of its powerful anti-ageing effect on the skin, not only externally,  it also works on the inside if you are consuming vitamin E rich foods vitamin E does not go rancid.  naturally occurring vitamin E does not go rancid like some other oils.  I have sometimes kept the oil for more than a year and nothing changed

7.  Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

The naturally occurring vitamin E in organic peanut oil health tomay help  balance cholesterol levels.  if you suspect you have much of the bad cholesterol and you need to increase good cholesterol you may need to switch to this oil but you must ensure that it is organic peanut oil.   There are  several peanut oils in the market that are not the real peanut oil though they have the name organic on it but in the real sence they are not organic they have added some other preservatives in order to preserve their shelf-life and add other cheaper oils to maximize their profit.  I have personally come across such oil  and deceived by  the higher amount paid on the oil because of its beautiful packaging and the name organic so it is not always okay to rely on the labelling and beautiful Commercials when you test it you need to  listen to your body and know how you feel don't just take all that is written on it I have got the experience,  test it and know whether it is truly organic.

8. Supports Our Eyes

Another reason to consider this oil is because of its support for eye,  naturally occurring vitamin E in peanuts which is the main nutrient in this oil is the reason for its support for the eyes and everyone of   deserve better sight  especially as we age.  Degeneration of our eyes continues just like other parts of the body except we support it with foods such as vitamin E from peanuts.


The more interesting aspect of this oil is that you can easily make it at home by simply grinding the already fried peanuts  and covering in a container for about 2 weeks and the oil simply separates and you scoop and begin to use in your cookings.


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